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I'll Watch Over You

I will at some point get round to making a character sheet for Ambilona, a proper one, because I've now decided to make her my Equisona (I think that's what you call it, like a fursona but a horse)
She is me. I created her from my heart. She's my Equine form.

Anyway, after months of no Fan Fiction, here's one for you guys. Not much different from the other ones but hey, I can't think of anything else and I have two ideas that could go with this, but one's probably more interesting than the other.

I tried not to take it in, I tried not to think about how John was feeling. If I felt this heartbroken, this empty, how on Earth did he feel? I couldn't eat, sleep, or think of anyone else but John. I'd always sworn to be there for him, no matter what, but I felt so helpless because I'm so distant from him, so far away.
It was all over the press, all over the TV, everywhere. Jedward no more, Jedward twin ends it all, Jedward is history. It was horrible. Everyone on Twitter is so supportive to each other, Facebook on the other hand, is the exact opposite. I get the nastiest of messages, the 'I told you so's' and the 'Thank God that's over' How can people be so heartless? Even half of the fandom couldn't believe it and turned against them. Which is what made it a whole lot worse. People just can't accept anything they don't understand. To me, love is love, and I don't care what forms it takes. Even if it meant John and Edward loved each other, more than just brothers. I'd accept it, because I love them for who they are and that was that. Unfortunately, not everyone is as accepting as that. And when word got out, it got too much for Edward, all because people didn't take the time to understand, and think about what their hateful comments could do. And what they did do.

Two days ago, after being disowned by their parents, John woke to Edward lifeless in his arms. He'd taken an overdose of sleeping pills, and left a note for John about how sorry he was, but he couldn't live with it. Everyone knew he was a very sensitive person, yet they continued to stab at them with the insults. They say words can never hurt you, but I disagree completely, they can hurt you more than physical pain can.
And now John is completely on his own. I'm scared he'll do the same. I couldn't sit around anymore, I had to go find him.

That day I left my home, and everything familiar, and made hastily for Ireland, taking my precious Ambi Stone with me.

After what seemed forever, I finally arrived in Dublin. I had no idea what to do or where to look, but I set off, following my heart. It couldn't fail me, I'd had a connection with John now for over a year, I felt it every time I saw him, performing or meeting him. The days were starting to get shorter though, and I knew it'd be dark very soon. I made my way into a nearby forest, carefully checking no-one was following me, before spilling a tear to my Ambi stone to change into my Equine form. At least I will be in less danger now, as I used my invisibility from night fall. I kept searching and searching, the stars above almost winking in torment at me.
But then, as if by magic, there he was. Sat motionless under a small tree in the moonlight. I quickly ran over to him and gently nudged him, he didn't respond, but he was alive. With a quick flick of my mane, I unraveled a blanket from the strands and placed it around him. I hoped and hoped he hadn't hurt himself.

Suddenly a bright star floated down and hovered about my nose. I heard a faint voice inside my head, it was extremely familiar. It was Edward.
'Please look after him for me, don't let him be on his own, watch over him' I nodded immediately and swore to him I'd never leave his side, no matter what.

So, should I continue with the story?
If you guys want more to it, I'm sure I could come up with something ;) If not I'll leave it there. Let me know!

And please don't kill me for the twincest. It was the more interesting of the two ideas, trust me. I'm usually really cautious before doing anything like this, but I think it gives out a message aswell.
And also, how chuffin amazing are those twins? Seriously, I was drawing the horse, stressing about how the heck I was gonna draw John, I needed a sleeping pic of him, and guess what they just Twitpicced? A pic of him sleeping. They're actual mind readers! :wow: :giggle:

Next part [link]

Photoshop CS4
7 - 8 hours
13 layers
Ref used :iconcolourize-stock:
Several brushes used aswell, though I can't remember where I got them. But credit to you! :XD:
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turquoise-skies's avatar
i love your character :). she's lovely!
Shinymane1's avatar
Thanks! I love her too :aww:
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omg!! :cries: how do you always manage to make me cry!!! I mean 'Jedward no more', 'Jedward is History' just the thought of that makes me want to cry and never stop!!! :( I don't know what it is but your writing is so...emotive, your really good at portraying their love and the heartbreak and emotions, your too good! and I love the idea of the stone and turning into a horse, thats really creative! great art too! the whole thing is beautiful!!
Shinymane1's avatar
Omg you actually cried? ^^; Seriously? Aww, I'm sorry :hug: I know I'm always depressing :giggle: I guess I'm just inspired by their beautiful relationship, I wish I had someone who loved and cared about me as much as those two care for each other :heart: Though I sometimes feel like I'm repeating myself all the time ^^;
Thanks so much :hug:
perfectpureblood's avatar
yes!! I do cry easily, but the thought of one of them dying is too horrible!! :(
^^ yea, depressing is fun to write! omg yea, I don't think two people can love each other more then those two! :D
your welcome!
Shinymane1's avatar
Aww, I feel bad now ^^; I know, it's heartbreaking to know it'll happen one day :tears:
All my fics are depressing, I always kill one of them :XD:
perfectpureblood's avatar
:( its cool, I know it wouldn't happen for a loong time! but omg, how would the other cope!! :tears:
haha! ^^ ususally edward! :giggle:
Shinymane1's avatar
I know :tears:
I think it's even actually, I've killed John a few times too :giggle:
LittlePhilosaur's avatar
That's so sad, i'm nearly crying here. I think you should continue with it. It would be a shame just to leave just there.
Shinymane1's avatar
Aww, sorry ^^; I have somewhat of an idea, still, not sure how to go about it :p I'll have to illustrate it too of course.
I'll think of something :D
LittlePhilosaur's avatar
i'm sure it'll turn out great. =D
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