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I'll Watch Over You 2

It's been requested that I carry on the story, so here you go. Again the idea chanced as I was making it, this idea being slightly more magical than the boring previous idea.

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The first rays of sunlight started to creep through the overcast cotton clouds as the morning dawned. I had watched over John the whole night, he looked so peaceful yet the heartbreak was written all over his face even as he slept. I didn't know if it was possible for him to pull through this. Him and Edward were so close, they meant the world to each other, and shared a bond like no other brothers or sisters, and to have Edward taken away from him so early, I can't even think of how he must be feeling. I could hear the faint city sounds as Dublin awoke, oblivious to John and I. Quietly, I rested my head around John to keep him warm. He'd barely moved all night.

Suddenly, John started to appear agitated, shuffling and calling out Edward's name. Tears spilled from his closed eyes. This was worse than a nightmare for him. A nightmare you can wake up from. I gently nudged him with my muzzle, I couldn't bear to see him so distressed. He slowly awoke, the brightness gone from his beautiful eyes, once so full of spirit but now full of suffering. He suddenly jumped back in shock, I hadn't thought of that. It's not everyday you see a blue and purple horse. As quietly and gently as I could, I backed away showing that I meant him no harm, and trotted behind the tree to retrieve my Ambi stone from under my front left hoof. I once again spilled a tear onto it, which wasn't difficult considering the current situation, to return to my human form for him. I then approached him to try and calm him down.

"K...Katie?, what?" John stuttered.
"I know you don't really need anymore surprises right now, I was just really worried about you. I'm so sorry all this has happened, I just want you to be okay"
I hugged him tight whilst he cried. I wanted him to know he wasn't alone, and that not all of us are heartless. That there are people out there that care for him as much as I do, even if it didn't seem like it right now.
"Things will get better John, you'll get through this, I know you will" I comforted. He didn't look convinced. His tear filled eyes looked so without hope, full of guilt, and worst of all, so lonely. I wished I could take all the pain away for him.

A sparkle in the distance caught our attention. It was the same star that came to me last night, it floated down towards us stopping just above our faces. It glowed a faint blue and shone extremely bright. The voice inside my head appeared again, simply saying:
"Follow me"
"Did you hear something?"
John whispered. I smiled, nodding.
"I have to change back to Ambilona, the horse, she's my equine form" I explained, backing away. John nodded, adding,
"So do all girls change into horses?"
I laughed, softly.
"It's a long story"
In no time, through purple and blue glows of light, I was once again in my equine form. I couldn't speak to John whilst being Ambilona, but I knelt down for him gesturing to climb onto my back. I grabbed some strands of my mane in my mouth indicating that he could hold onto them. And with that, I softly followed the star so John could get used to the movements. Suddenly masses of sparkles followed the star's path around us, and I found I was walking on air. Well this was new, even to me.
"What's happening?" John asked. The sparkles had gathered around him, glistening and engulfing his torso. His blue blazer was suddenly replaced with his red and white one. Maybe that was Edward's favourite costume?
I spotted a rainbow in the distance between the clouds, it was so beautiful up here. The star headed straight towards it and I found myself upon it's dazzling colours. Sparkles danced around us, and the star for a few seconds appeared as a faint but certain silhouette of Edward, dressed in his opposite white and red blazer. Returning as the star, he floated towards John.
"Look how cool it is up here John, it's almost as amazing as you." His voice was even softer than usual, almost echoing from the clouds. "Don't be sad, one day you'll join me here and we can make world peace. Together. Just please promise me to live your life, for me"
John cupped the star in his hands, a single tear falling from his eyes.
"I will, I promise Edward" Said John, will all the courage Edward had just given him. And with one final dance round John, the star and clouds faded and we found ourselves back in the outskirts of Dublin.

I think this is the one story I've written that I actually really like so far :) And the art with this! I've impressed myself with it this time! I just love drawing Ambilona, John admittedly was a challenge and I know the proportions are probably awful, I'm just no natural at drawing people :XD: But I think he came out okay.
Let me know if you want more! ;) I'll only carry on if you request it! :D

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:iconiloveyouplz: <--- this is the only way to describe it.
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Aww hehe, glad you like it :hug:
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I love the design of Ambilona! and johns expression is so beautiful!! omg, I love this story, it made me cry when edward said 'look how cool it is up here John' its like, thats exactly what he would say, and just :tears: and when he asked john to live for him, soooo beautiful and heart wrenching!! great story!
Shinymane1's avatar
Well, I think I got his face right, if nothing else ^^; Drawing people is so difficult! :shakefist: It took me 4 hours alone to draw John ^^;
I try to put what I think they'd realistically say :D Want me to continue it? :D
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:D omg tell me about it, drawing people is near impossible! wow, 4 hours!
^^ yes! please do continue!
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It took me ages just to plan it, I sketched it out on paper, which didn't help that much, had to try and find the right angle for his face, which turned out to actually be referenced from Edward, I made up most of his body, his legs I found a ref for thankfully ^^;

Hmm, okay, I could think of something :D
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oh wow! he was referenced from edward? hehe! ^^ looks good!
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Yeah haha, it was outside Hamley's! :D
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I love the story :D and the art is simply amazing :faint: Amazing job as always :heart:
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Thanks so much :hug:
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