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Even Angels Fall

I'm gonna blame this very strange manip on the song I was listening to when making it. I listened to Nocturne (Secret Garden) and if you don't feel like making something depressing when you hear that song....then maybe I am just weird :XD: But as my art teacher said, art can be anything you want it to be. And I like coming up with unique ideas :D I had 22 layers on this, I don't think I've ever used as much! And I'm very proud of the planet, I've never made a planet before and it turned out lovely. I've no idea how Edward got hurt to be honest, I'll let your imagination come up with an idea for that. I thought it could be like a movie, you know, like those dramatic fighting ones. I know I just always have to use John and Edward, they're my idols :D Constructive Criticism appreciated.



Planet Texture

Planet Tutorial



John and Edward
Photo taken by Keith Heneghan at [link]
(I wasn't sure how to ask the owner of that photo, so if there are any copyright issues let me know and I'll take this down)

Hateful comments will be hidden. This is purely for art purposes. I just saw the poses and I just had to use them.
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omg I love it too much, its not possible how much i love this!!!!!! I just can't stand seeing them in pain, and yet its sooo beautiful! its like I want to hug them! they seem so tortured! *sighs dramatically* ^^ well done, its beautiful! and poor edward! still, you bring a depth and new dynamic to them. great job! its stunning, and ed, what a pose! ^^
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You understand it more than I do to be honest ;) I don't know why I did it, it's just their relationship is fascinating and sweet :love: And I know they couldn't stand to be apart from one another. They have the perfect poses for these sometimes :D
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haha! :blush: when something inspires me I can't shut up! :D
I know, its the main reason I love them so much, they'd go to the ends of the earth for each other! :) exactly, in this it almost looks like john is looking over edward and protecting him. :) I know! :love: thats what I mean by a new dynamic, putting aside the 'gimmacky' side to them, I love their deep side. :)
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Same :D Oh yeah I see what you mean :) Their deep side is just amazing. To be honest I've never looked at the other side, I just see who they are and that's why I love them so much. Not like other fans who just like them for all the ridiculous wrong reasons :XD:
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I just love them for it, the side to them that respects everyone around them, doesn't drink etc, and are so dedicated and hard working. its something that I get angry about when people don't see it! :(
really?? well I'm so glad you feel the same way as me!! :hug:
its so nice!
I know what you mean, I suppose that other side is still who they are, the fun, sweet, funny side, but I don't like people who turn them into some sort of 'novelty' act, I hate it!
although they seem to be taking on this 'rocker' look lately in their twitpics! :D i'm not keen on it!
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Yeah, not drinking or smoking is just amazing for 2 18 year old lads :) Such angels! As my manips! :D

I think they're just pratting about with the rock pics LOL those pants ones are hilarious. I hate it when people take advantage of them too :( I kinda want them to have a break. In some of their Twitpics they look so tired :( Breaks my heart :tears: But at least I know they're enjoying their tour and stuff :)
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I know! I just melt every time I hear them talk about how they hate clubbing etc *happy-sigh* ^^ I don't drink either, and its hard to find people round my age who are the same! :D
:love: angels indeed!

:D yea, I hope so!
hehe, kind of like the robbie williams ones, those pants.

omg, me too! they're going to exhaust themselves. i'm worried it'll get to them in the end. :( oh yea, they love touring! performing is what they want to do, but people do, as you say, take advantage. :rage:
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Haha yeah :D Apparently they're touring Japan? I heard something about a deal there. Kinda random? lol I hope they do their UK tour first I really miss them :( Haven't seen them for about 45 days now :(
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Good work with the background :)
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