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Let's Talk: Everything at its time - RL Plans !!

Let's Talk: Everything at its time - RL Plans !!

Hey my Shinies ♥ The last let's talk is already a bit ago and was darkened with some unpleasant news, but in this journal post I want to show you, why panic and anxiousness are not worth your time! So, let's go! A few weeks ago I told you guys there would be huge changes for me, since my last boss took COVID-19 and its financial results as a reason to not keep me any longer than necessary. Well, I don't want to go into this topic again, so if you are interested and haven't read my journal, there you go: Raging moms, missing health prot. unpaid therapists. After I started to be home again most of the week, I started to have the typical mind spiral, going deeper and deeper, about what negative impact this shit might have and how my life is ruined by other unfair decisions - right boss? is ya BMW still shiny ya?. Sorry. So, sitting there and brooding about all the bad mistake I might have made, or all the things I might have said wrong, I had the feeling as if the roof would come

IMPORTANT! - "Free" adoptables or adoptables connected ...

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  • I would take your creatures, even if they come with special laws.:dummy:
  • Nah, I want free adoptables, please. :no:

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EclipticwyvernHobbyist Traditional Artist

would you mind if I drew a few gifts for you?

Hell no, if you feel inspired to create please do so! \^-^/ I always love to see how people see/draw my characters ^-^

EclipticwyvernHobbyist Traditional Artist


Igni makes a great banner :-)

RubyGrozaStudent Traditional Artist

Wow Thank you for the watch and all faves!:heart: Pixel Rose

you really really deserve them! :D your art simply looks amazing! The evolution of your traditional skill level is simply fantastic! Please keep up the good work :love: