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Three friends in the Xmas season DTIYS

DTIYS: Marceline, Jon, and Paige in Xmas season by ShinyJonDiamondGlitz, visual art

2022 Summary template (F2U)

2022 summary of art template (F2U) by ShinyJonDiamondGlitz, visual art

YCH for the Christmas season (expires December 29)

Christmas sweater YCH (OPEN Unlimited slots) by ShinyJonDiamondGlitz, visual art

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My Bio

What‘s up, people! My name is Jon, and I make lots of excellent artwork here on my DeviantArt homepage. I like posting digital art, writing new pieces of literature, participating in DeviantArt contests, and a whole lot more! :deviantart:

My Discord name is: YouUnderstoodWhoIWas#6786

Whenever I make new artworks, I sometimes get the inspiration from my fellow DeviantArt friends.

Do I do RP (role play)? Yes, but I have to decide if I want to do one or not

Do I take art requests? Yes, but I will see if I can accept it or not

Do I make commissions? No

Do I make art trades? Yes

Do I make gifts? Yes, but only if it's someone's birthday or any other kind of holiday.

If you want to use some of my OC’s for a piece of artwork you’re making, feel free to do so. And don‘t forget to credit me.

For more support, subscribe here to my main YouTube channel

Remember to talk to me nicely without cussing or else you will be added to my blacklist

My friends: arrienne408 Obeliskgirljohanny shriasuger P250rhb2 BoxingAndKarate SherbertStarKitty05 Jazzystar123 100millionPOINTS TickleHaven silva592 TheVHM108 KrazeeKartoonz StarKidGalaxy05 JennyAnime2007

NEVER BLOCK ME because I do not appreciate it.

This means you shouldn’t block me for any reason at all! So, please don’t attempt to.

I am just trying to be a good friend.

If you’re going to comment on my pictures, be sure that your comments are related to the picture. If you comment that you like a picture I posted, that‘s fine.

Favourite Visual Artist
You guessed it, me and my fellow DeviantArt friends
Favourite Movies
I don’t know about that
Favourite TV Shows
Danger Force, Numberblocks, Alphablocks, Team Umizoomi, Henry Danger, Total Dramarama, Peep and The Big Wide World, Hero Elementary, Blaze and The Monster Machines, Bubble Guppies, Santiago of the Seas
Favourite Books
The Critter Club (used to read since 4th or 5th grade)
Favourite Games
Toon Blast, Subway Surfers, WordBuilder by Reading Doctor, etc.
Tools of the Trade
IbisPaintX, paper, pencils, and colored pencils
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How to Draw a Weapon
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Shimmering Snowball: Joined the Great Snowball Fest of 2022
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Quartz: It's a big honor to be awarded a Quartz badge! (27)

Christmas news

What else will be happening on the ShinyJonDiamondGlitz homepage this Christmas season?

Candy Cane Journal Divider

Any unsold adoptables will have a 50% discount, starting from October 30 through December 28, meaning that their prices will be halved

I may sell Christmas or winter themed adopts/make free OCs for friends

Gift art and/or fan art of other people’s characters

Custom section #1

Hello, art adventurers. Nice to see you here. I’m ShinyJonDiamondGlitz, and I make lots of pictures whether if they are digital or traditional.

I make many original characters, adopts, literature, fan art, and so much more. Just so you guys know, I’m actually a friendly and supporting kind of person here on the DA website.

Here‘s a picture of my main persona:

My personas main fashion style (2022-2023)

I know he looks kind of girl-ish, but please don’t judge me why I designed him like this. If you want to draw him or make fan art, that’s alright, but please make it appropriate. Thank you.

Custom section #2

Hello, my outstanding art creators! I’m ShinyJonDiamondGlitz, formerly known as “boysinpainting” and “JonWithInspirePower“. I’ve been here since late August 2020, and I have made a bunch of new friends, posted lots of artwork almost daily, gave badges to other people’s deviations, and so much more!

Here’s a list of of my top ten favorite OCs of mine:


Jackie-Annes style for 2022


My OCs: Shelcy Stylist


My OCs: Rachel Calbert


Adopted OC: Stella Goodwin


My OCs: Katelyn Cann Deeze


My OCs: Marceline Barnett


Adopted OC: Yolanda Nicola


My OCs: Nadia Paulers


My OCs: Tessa Perkins


My OCs: Audrey August

The reason I have more female OCs than male OCs is because I got inspired by arrienne408 , one of my best friends since December 2020.

Here are some of my best friends: @DanielDeviant25, @StarKidGalaxy05 @StarlightCreations20, @JustAGirlOnDA, @KrazeeKartoonz, @youtuberSyd,and so much more!

And remember how I said I gave people badges in their deviations? Well, I like giving llama and quartz badges to people I know or don’t know to show I am being a nice and friendly kind of artist. It all started back in February when I gave over 300 heart badges, and back in March, I think I gave more than 200 gold coin badges.

I also like to sell adopts at a random price because I want to earn more points so I can give them to friends, give people core, and buy commissions and adopts.

Start of the challenge: Friday, October 28 End of the challenge: Friday, December 23 So, the sensational season of Christmas is just around the corner, and I just thought of an awesome DTIYS challenge made for you guys! This Draw This in Your Style Challenge will feature Jon (my main persona), Marceline Barnett, and one of my adopted OCs, Paige Snowmint. So, here’s the picture you can draw in your style: Here are the rules of this DTIYS challenge: 1: No changing any of the colors 2: You can change the characters’ positions or pose if you’d like. (if you change any of their poses, please make it appropriate) 3: If you draw this either digitally or traditionally, please don’t leave it as a work in progress or colorless. (seeing it colored makes it wonderful) 4: No adding other characters to the picture 5: If drawing this in your style digitally, you can add shading if you want. 6: Character makers do not count (Ex. Gacha Life) 7: Shading is allowed 8: When you finished drawing the
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Last post for today: Could anyone please throw some more snowball badges at me if you haven’t done so already? Pick any pictures of mine you want to give badges to.
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Heads up! Snowball badges headed your way!
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If you want, you can give me some points. That way, I can buy more adopts and ask for point commissions!

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Thanks for the watch, Watcher #187!

Thanks for the snowball badges on all three drawings. :hug:

For that, you deserve a watch. :aww:

You're very much welcome. :D


You’re wish has come true thanks to my kindness!

THANKS! Your are so kind to me, Jon! Let's friends! And join our @MiniBaby-Club for all of my friends!