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I made a couple of different versions of my recent cakes wallpaper and thought I'd stick them here as I haven't got much else to do with them:

as well as the slightly more frenetic:

The thing about these two is that they are fully tileable. So if you want to use them as a wallpaper, just set them to tile, rather than stretch or centre and they should seamlessly fill any sized desktop.

Personally I think they could make nice wrapping paper or laptop covers or something like that as well. If I had the time I would probably pursue that thought.

On an unrelated note I finally updated my website fairly recently, after almost 5 years of the old design. Unfortunately due to changing hosts and stats packages over the years, as well as some periods of outages, I've lost track of the exact numbers of visitors it has received. I can with some confidence say now that it has passed the 5 million mark (probably somewhere around 5.2 by now), which is nice.
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Awesome!! Congrats!

Btw, what is the license for these files (for use as a blog background, specifically), or do you license/sell them? (Creative Commons with attribution by any chance?)

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If it's a commercial blog then you will need a license, if not then just an attribution will do (and a link to my site somewhere).
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It's just a blog where my wife posts pictures of her cakes/candy/etc. Will attribute/link :) Thanks!
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The frenetic one is really great!
Great job ;)
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brilliant stuff.
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It would be awesome if you would share the project file or show us how you did some of the cakes :D
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I did give some info to this site about how they were made, although it is in Spanish:


There is a screenshot at the bottom of the cakes in the 3D app from a different angle, gives a good idea I think.
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Nice thanks! Ran it through google translate and understood some of it. Love your work :D
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