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While I'm waiting around for some boring renders to finish, I thought it would be best to follow on my post about old games with another. I've only had a year and a half to think about what I should put in the list this time and have come up with another 6 classics.

Now as before if anyone has some old games (pre-2000 I'll say, one of mine only just sneaks in there) that I've forgotten about I'd love to hear them. I fear the part of my brain that remembers that far back has been eroded away by excessive redbull and porn.

So in no particular order (with the last one as an exception) here they are:

1) Cannon Fodder

Just 4 little guys against approximately 1 billion faceless enemy soldiers, tanks, helicopters and, oddly enough, garden sheds. Massively difficult (as pretty much all games were compared to modern ones), hugely violent and managed to build genuine affection between you and your guys.

When one finally caught a packet and ended up as another cross on Boot hill, you couldn't help but stand up and salute. I could actually, but I'm more cynical than most.

2) Transport tycoon

Don't like trains? Then fuck off, you're no use here! If you did, like me, then there was no better game than this for spodding around building transport links between imaginary towns and places of industry. The point? None really, apart from the near impossible feat of losing and going bankrupt you just played to build up a vast empire then sit back and watch it run. A bit like a train set but without most of the effort or anything to show at the end. You couldn't even blow it all up when you got bored with a random earthquake or UFO attack like in Sim City.

Amazingly it's so popular that a freeware, massively extended version is still available today. I haven't checked it out, but it looks like the real deal (google openttd if interested).

3) Counter-strike

The fact that this game classifies as old (released 1999) makes me a little depressed as I remember playing it months after it first appeared, in beta version 2. Is it the best online game ever? Not quite, but almost. No other game has quite had the ability to satisfy as much as this did with a well placed kill shot. A moment later it could then make you bite your own fists off in frustration when your bullets randomly spray about 300 metres from where you're aiming.

I sank (wasted) far too many hours on this game over the years, right up until it reached its final iteration with version 1.6. Unfortunately the release of its better looking, but spongier feeling, sequel CS:Source drained most of its players. It was also plagued by cheating titbags.

4) Syndicate

A true classic, unique and never bettered. You controlled 4 bionically enhanced agents from your control blimp, and made them do your bidding for the good of... someone I can't remember. Some evil corporation I think, probably why it's called Syndicate now I think about it. I also can't remember what these tasks you had them do actually were, but they generally involved using miniguns to blow away crowds of dopey civilans because they were in your way.

Just about every destructive weapon imaginable was at your disposal, but if that wasn't enough there was always the 'persuadatron'. Using it you could take control of crowds of innocents, make them pick up guns, then march in front of you as a human meat shield, wasting the bad guys' ammunition. Once they'd done their job, you just steppred over their smoking corpses and popped the bad guys with a well placed missle from your hand held missle pistol. Perfect.

5) Monkey island

I need say little about this game. Although the sequel is arguably better, this is a game that defined a generation of gamers' wasted childhoods. Recently remade with updated graphics (that somehow look worse than the original) and voice dialogue, it's still as good as it was back then. Play this, play the sequel and ignore everything after that.

You fight like a dairy farmer! _________________________

6) X-Com: Terror from the deep

I've left the best till last. This is what a true classic is, unique (ok it's a sequel, I'll get to that), complex, immersive and generally utterly brilliant.

The sequel to UFO: Enemy unknown (aka  X-com: ufo defense), it takes the first game, makes it about 100x harder, scarier and polishes off a lot of the rough edges. I can't remember how long I played this for before discovering there was a bug in the original version which meant you couldn't actually complete it, but if I could it was serve as testament to its brilliance.

The sight of an alien lurking off in the darkness just as your guys run out of action points is one of the most stomach lurching events in game history. Aliens came in myriad forms, but being attacked by floating brains, bulbous headed midgets and lobsters who walked around like men and carried guns all helped added to the charm.

On top of the murky graphics, where what you couldn't see was scarier than what you could, there was excellent 8 bit music which would be soft and gentle most of the time then suddenly crash in when nothing was actually going on and make you shit your pants. Awesome.

That's that for now, bye.
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Played them all!! Syndicate...damn :)))
Zool 2, Lure of the Temptress, Robinson's Requiem, Dune 2...these are the oldest I remember.
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I'll suggest Descent I, Starfighter/Starfighter 3000, Blood I, and of course Quake I.
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And of course, Riven as well as its predecessor, Myst.
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I still use this sentence from Monkey Island to mislead people.
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damn i too feel old seeing counter strike in the old list. but i refuse to accept that fact, too hardcore a fan of it been playing and still play on daily basis 1.6 that is for a decade now. soon they are coming out with like a CS 2 which does exactly what you want good graphics and same mechanics, but same mechanics as 1.6, 1.5 was too easy.
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Did you ever play Railroad Tycoon? It was like transport tycoon with even more fun sucked out of it.
Shinybinary's avatar
Yeah but I never liked it that much, way too slow in my opinion. TT improved on it in almost every way I think.
Fabrikken's avatar
Agreed. Nothing like seeing some train going 100mph and doing a 45 degree turn.
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Ohh Transport Tycoon.. One of the games I've played the most. Only surpassed by Battlefield 1942, CS and WoW I think :)
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I was a fan of the Kings Quest series and Sim City 2000 growing up.
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I know all the games in this list (yes, I am that old) and I would definitely agree with all of them.

Monkey Island that was released for the iPhone is pretty fantastic; I'd recommend it if you have the hardware.
Shinybinary's avatar
I actually got Beneath a Steel Sky for my iPhone and found it a bit disappointing. The interface is just a bit too fiddly I think. Now if they released it for the DS I would snap it up! I got Broken Sword the director's cut for my DS and it was fantastic.
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If you have one of those cartridges to play homebrew software for the DS: The ScummVM is also available and a alot of games which run on ScummVM. I never got it to work because I'm a lazy bitch :<
Shinybinary's avatar
I've never really looked into that sort of stuff, but sounds like it might be worth a look. The great thing about the Broken Sword director's cut was the use of both the DS's screens with new animations. I wish they would do the same for other old games, especially ones I never got round to playing. I've always heard The Dig was good...
sketchseven's avatar
The interface is a bit fiddly, I would admit, but I'm kind of glad to see older games like Beneath and Broken Sword (picked that up too) for newer platforms like DS and iPhone.
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hey i wanna know what are you working exactly and where do u work , cuz i like all ur work :)
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im afraid i only remember counter-strike from that list :) - not really heard of the others :P
Shinybinary's avatar
Ahh too young perhaps, you don't know what you missed ;)
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great list :)

For me, the best games were, Terranigma, Crono Trigger, Secret of Mana, , etc (on Snes)
Shinybinary's avatar
Yeah if I had been a console guy instead of amiga/pc I would probably have a very different list. My mate had a snes though and I still have very fond memories of mario kart, streetfighter 2 etc.
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OMG...some of them are giving me flashbacks of great times! :D
Shinybinary's avatar
Nothing like retro games for nostalgia :}
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Nice list, Canon Fodder and Syndicate are two of my favs. I'll jog ur memory with a few more of my favs from the Amiga days... Xenon 1 & 2 its a megablast, gods, magic pockets, speedball 2, pinball fantasies, pinball dreams, megalomania, powermonger, civilization 1 (civ 5 is to come out soon), rainbow islands, gemini wing, r-type, supercars 1 & 2, rick dangerous, elite (eve allways remind me of that), another world, shadow of the beast, cave runner, lemmings, alien breed, james pond, desert strike, ikari warriors, turrican... mind is turning to mush now, hope that gave you some nice flash backs :D
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