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Another Warhammer 40k inspired picture and my first use of Zbrush and making UV maps for anything more complex than a box. Quite a learning experience!

The original was produced at a pretty large size so there are some close up shots here:


I'm also quite fond of a black and white version, more like a traditional 40k illustration. Somehow b&w looks much more dramatic: [link]
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Simply amazing!
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It's hammer time!
A great effort , i especially love the work you did on the helmet.

I am also working on space marines , i posted my work today.
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I'm wondering how long did it take to make such a lovely picture?!
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This is such a dynamic creation! Love the composition and beautiful particle effect! Wonderful as always, dear Nik! 
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How long did this take you? Wow.
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Good old Wh40k... been a while.
Perfect realisation.
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Jeez... Nice job. This looks really amazing. 10/10
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I'd love to see any tutorials, tips, tricks you might have used! I am an aspiring creative and want dearly to create some 40k models.
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nice work ! C:
Sweet. For Dorn XD
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fantastic render and quality!
I agree black and white version of this has a stronger look but it's because your greyscale threshold levels are amazing :D
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Epic, master grade
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Nice detail on the Master-Crafted Chestplate.
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:O this is to awesome for me to comprehend...
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I agree, the B&W is more dramatic. Not a drawer/painter, so....

I think the eye color/shade in the colored version is dragging it down and the only thing that was off for my eye in the B&W was the shading/darkness around the back (right) shoulder, I know it has to be highlighted, but maybe a bit much?
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This is more than AWESOME!!!! Welcome Back Mayne
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that small preview really does it no justice, the small bump map details are just awesome.
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great work nick!
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