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After many months of hard designing, coding, writing and slacking off playing pointless Flash games, version 2 is finally here. It's a fairly radical change in style from version 1, and I know some people will miss the nature orientated look that has come to be associated with this site. However change is nearly always a good thing, and I am happy with the direction I have taken things in.


That's the general blurb, now a bit extra for you DA people. I actually layed down the first psd for version 2 almost 11 months ago, so as you can guess there has been an extraordinairy amount of slacking since then. Take a look at the first design concept which never made it past infancy:


what was I thinking? ;)

and a close up of the header for some details:


A lot more effort has been put into this one in terms of code. I managed to do it all with compliant HTML and CSS and without a single table in site! IE and Firefox are recommended but I have made sure it works in Safari as well for all our Mac friends.

and to all those people who wanted more flowers and frogs and shit, tough! :p

Anyway I hope you enjoy it.
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where are all the flowers ?


first i thought it was airbrush or 3D, then i read the text - photomanip. - hmm - very nice !
it dont look like pictures.

i also take a look at ur site - amazing artworks.
and yes - its more fun then icecream :P (have 1 in my hand right now ;)