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After many months of hard designing, coding, writing and slacking off playing pointless Flash games, version 2 is finally here. It's a fairly radical change in style from version 1, and I know some people will miss the nature orientated look that has come to be associated with this site. However change is nearly always a good thing, and I am happy with the direction I have taken things in.


That's the general blurb, now a bit extra for you DA people. I actually layed down the first psd for version 2 almost 11 months ago, so as you can guess there has been an extraordinairy amount of slacking since then. Take a look at the first design concept which never made it past infancy:


what was I thinking? ;)

and a close up of the header for some details:


A lot more effort has been put into this one in terms of code. I managed to do it all with compliant HTML and CSS and without a single table in site! IE and Firefox are recommended but I have made sure it works in Safari as well for all our Mac friends.

and to all those people who wanted more flowers and frogs and shit, tough! :p

Anyway I hope you enjoy it.
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cruseman's avatar
where are all the flowers ?


first i thought it was airbrush or 3D, then i read the text - photomanip. - hmm - very nice !
it dont look like pictures.

i also take a look at ur site - amazing artworks.
and yes - its more fun then icecream :P (have 1 in my hand right now ;)
hypostatic's avatar
Wow Awesome Work!!! Extreme details make it original!!!
ya6r's avatar
I love the header! i figure there is some photo manip in it, it was not all done in photoshop huh?
anyway your work is awesome! keep it up man!
Shinybinary's avatar
Well you do photomanips in photoshop...
ya6r's avatar
yeah i mean it was not all painted and designed in photoshop with no import you know! but still some great work! guess it was'nt easy to gather all those elements and to make a homogenous header with'em!
Shinybinary's avatar
Yeah that's the problem with pics like this. I think it took about 50 photos to make it up which took ages to find. A lot of the pictures were very heavily changed as well.
ya6r's avatar
for sure, compatible pictures like that connot be found! Excellent work man! i really appreciate your photo manips!
Zmash's avatar
your work is really awesome!
keep it on!
Thousandhands's avatar
holly shit! that header is just awesome! Oo
Ruuku-Piku's avatar
thats bloody brilliant. :)
AoH-Silence's avatar
An inspiring piece like no other. Great job!

And the fact you made it XHTML 1.1 compliant (No tables... CSS attributes only) brings a tear of joy to my eye :D

But answer me this: Do you plan on sharing how you made such a banner? Stock images all manipulated into a banner or another method?
Shinybinary's avatar
Thanks, I don't intend on making any tutorials based on my website or anything currently. The banner is mainly stock images (about 30 or so) maniupalated into one.
AoH-Silence's avatar
Well I must say... That's fantastic manipulation.. Even if its not on your site nor about it, could you at least write some tips for us Photoshop mediocre?

Then submit it to P2L for all :D
Shinybinary's avatar
I'm not really sure what I could say. It's mostly about being willing to spend time finding the right photographs then being able to extract the bits you want, touch them up and match their colouring and lighting. Add shadows and making sure the direction of lighting is consistent is also important.
AoH-Silence's avatar
Well thanks for the info then.
oCeyx's avatar
I really dig it; color scheme and everything. All of what I would've said has already been mentioned so there's not much else to say. If anything, it gives me another reason not to update mine for a while longer.
pixelchemist's avatar
Very cool web interface and really inspiring.
tecnophreak's avatar
OOOOooo! shiny!

man, you must be a god with photoshop. i mean, im dam good, but this is FREAKIN good.
milk242's avatar
I love it - somehow reminds me of terry gilliam films.... (in a good way...)
chaooss's avatar
Make me a tut about u made all those wires in the header m8 :)
Pls pls pls
Dest1ny-04's avatar
like it, but the frogs and fish were ownage, and a nice change from the usual - still gj nik
DFadler's avatar
ooo neat I bet you would like [link]
ositaka's avatar
good layout, nice colours!
2diacritic's avatar
neato, i dig the cleanness of the info space.
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