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*EDIT* Check out the newer shinier remake: [link]

Much better than this old thing.


A relatively quick piece for me (2 evenings), it is probably my favourite from the last Depthcore pack. Sometimes it helps to stop thinking about what a picture is going to end up looking like and just make it up as you go along, this piece had 0 planning. Photoshop and Illustrator used, I owe a few people stock links:


and someone else for the butterfies and someone for the leaves... can't remember who at the moment though :/ I've started writing my resources down now so I can give proper credits in the future, trouble with these art packs is I release stuff weeks/months after making them ;)

P.S. This lost quite a lot in resizing and compression I feel, so if anyone is interested you can see a full size version here: [link]
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very cool!
can you make a tutorial of it? :)
i really like it!
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ur magician))) awesome
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Sorry for all the trouble around this and my tutorial. Faved this because it is a great work. Again, sorry. :)
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what software did you use to make this kind of cool art?

i only use photoshop cs2...

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AWESOME! this is just wonderful. Just the way you make it ahhh *jealous* :P
I read you don't remember where you got the butterflies from but could you please try harder? =)
I really like them :D
I'd appreciate it a lot
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This is way better than "type" and I'm sorry your concept got ripped :(

My deepest compassion.
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omg, disregard that comment I'm retarded.
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beautiful work, you are welcome to use my stock anytime!
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This is good too.
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I think this one is more complex then "type". I like both very much ;)
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it's so f*ckin' nice :)
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pimped to the borders _^_ , funny.
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rewelacjaaaaa ;)
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slow down son

2 years old and hot like fiyah
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Holy shit... AMAZING!!!
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those floral patterns are dope!!!
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Really pimped out ;) :D
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