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A Christmassy advertising pic for Virgin, the left hand side is blank for their own text to be placed in. As usual these days, the text was done in Cinema 4D and the rest in PS and Illustrator.

I've just spent a few days putting my system back together after a hard drive physically broke (Out of 6 of them it had to be my system drive!). A warning to speed enthusiasts out there, Western Digital Raptors might be fast but you pay in terms of reliability...
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I sent a private message as well but wanted to send this as well to say that I would like to speak with you about designing a 3D logo that is all text. The core of what you did here is very much in line with what I am seeking.  Hope to hear from your.

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wow no wonder the text looks so sharp.. I've tried using Photoshop and it's always not sharp..
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Ns work man i think the Global illumination makes it nice but i suck in that can anyone help me with the lightning in C4D which can give same outcome as "ON US" has??..
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Oh, so that was you, cool :D
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Awesome! man..
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Will you provide a tutorial for renders like this? I love the work.
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just use Ultratalent SSD, faster than Raptor and lives longer, hopefully ;)
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I like how you mixed the three programs..! I think I've to install Cinema again :P eheh
OMG :O !! i am speechless, you made my day :) its perfekt :)
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All your works are awesome! Candies for the eyes!
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Very nice dude! ;)
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Holy crap, Cinema 4D is expensive!
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I love this one.. :D
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Hi there,

I saw banners with this picture in the streets of London...very catchy and effective.
They drew my attention in second 1 - maybe because I had previously seen your work - anyway I saw heads turning to take a second look at the banners and that was fantastic!
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Wow great render, so clean with so much clarity.
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You are great!

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Great work on the color and lightning of the letters. They have this little extra somehting that makes the ad special!
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please, what softwre do you use? something 3d?
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did vurgin pay you 4 this piece?
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