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A sequel to an older picture of mine called 'Oracle' that I've been meaning to do for a while. Inspired by Eastern style statues and carvings I've seen.

Created for a tutorial on
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I'm sorry to report that this piece of art has been stolen and put up for sale: [link]

You're not the only victim of this thief: [link]
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Great artwork :) I like it
Carried in Cruzine: [link]
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uhhhhh...:headbang:...awe fukkin some
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Super cool the tutorial is a little too advanced for me at the moment
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Amazing piece man. Spectacular job.
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I saw this on PSDtuts and can't wait to give it a try - I find this totally amazing
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I remember seeing this on another site and was just as blown away then! Amazing!
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Some of these comments here made my day.. :lmao:

Shame a lot of people dont respect the creator though, I see so many idea rips on DA which do exactly like that you did with another stock without even linking to the tutorial or your work..
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Your wonderful work is featured in my 2/24/10 Journal of outstanding DA art I have faved recently -- [link]
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I believe this is stolen from the Dark Lore books.

Volume 3:
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Or maybe I licensed the image to Dark Lore? Think before you post accusations.
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Yeah sorry, I did some research after but I don't think deviantart lets you delete comments.
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Theres a tut about this piece exactly the same.. ar eyou sure you dint steal this?
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Yeah who on earth could have written that tutorial...
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Oh you... Oh sorry having my dumb moments.
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I just read the tut on PSD Tuts you did for this one! Amazing! I have to admit, it is far out of my league, but one can dream right?! Thank you for taking the time to make the tut and show us little people a few tricks! :hug:!
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amazing work! :+fav:
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Very beautiful! I love this! :+fav:
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I've been trying to find the guy who did the tutorial...'cause I followed it and did one of this too... but I'm really bothered mine it's well almost a copy of this (I bought the same stock)so I dunno if I should remove it , scrap it or leave it alone...:( so it's in my gallery if u wanna pass , check it out and tell me your opinion...
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I did the tutorial...
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wow so youuuu are the one who did this!! ^^ this piece is amazing,,,
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