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Fresh science word

This is for a tutorial in the latest issue of Computer Arts. The font was provided by them and I really quite like it. I was asked to use the text 'Fresh science word' as well, and I still have no idea what it's supposed to mean.

PS you can get the font here if you like it like me: [link]
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can't handle the awesomeness
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Wow, that's so awesome! :)
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Great work, some serious skill going on there.
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Wait. So just just happened to stumble across the gallery of the person who made that article in Computer Arts? I read that article and that it was great.
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Thanks, surprised anyone remembers, that was years ago now.
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It stood out visually. What are you working on now?
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Just some advertising jobs, text based but not 3D this time.
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How's that going for you?
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How did you do that?))
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woooow,l2 to7fa aweeeeee msa
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jizztastic and font is sick
Awesome pic!
Could you please link me or mail me the textures you have? Looks amazing!
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Mr. Nik

Hello sir, been a fan of your work since i've read articles and saw this Tut. I know you were limited to characters for this tut. Would you perhaps have a more detail description of the tut? I've tried to follow and i get confused. I've pretty avid with photoshop and learning Cinema 4D pretty quick. I'm also not a newb.


thanks for your time.
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Unfortunately I have no more info on this tutorial written down anywhere. It has also been a long time since I used C4D so probably wouldn't even be able to rewrite this if I had to now.
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How did you made it?
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Love the art. But the tutorial is not very newb compatible. Check out what I managed to put together:
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Probably because newbs should learn the basics before trying anything as advanced as that.
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You might be right! I'm on it! No offense ment! :thumbsup:
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Made another try! I'm having trouble finding the right mix with the textures and blending modes. But I think I am making progress.
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Great text art :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
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really like this, i have the issue with that tut in it. its quite clear. do u have any tips for using cinema 4d / 3ds max?
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This amazing artwork has been featured in Typographysical appearance 2 - a news article issued by #Digiversity. If you have time, please take a look, there are a lot of interesting things concerning text art in there. :la:
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