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Desktop 2012

By Shinybinary
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I find this wallpaper very tranquil.
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I want your computer T_T Anybody have the link to the wallpaper? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease???
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Nice workplace. Where can I find this wallpaper?
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Yeah, it is. This is the original here:
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Pretty sure that's the floating city from Final Fantasy 12. For anyone asking.
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Wish I could see the original.
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Where the hell did you get that awesome wallpaper? :D
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I just Googled for wallpapers for my particular resolution, and it was on one of the very few sites that came up.
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24 cores...? whats your spec man?
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Dual Xeon X5660's
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This made me miss dual-screens :<

Super nice tho.
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How big is this desktop screen? DAM I WANT!
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It's 2 monitors :)
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Wonderfully rich and beautifully illustrated. Wow!
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beautiful! who made it?
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I'm not sure actually, it was just one of the few I downloaded that were actually at the right resolution.
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Great wallpaper. Where can I get those widgets?
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You can get them here along with the very rest of the the tiny collection of gadgets available: [link]
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