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Desktop 2011

By Shinybinary
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A few years on and how little my desktop has really changed. That little bit on the left is actually a second small monitor I use for menus that spill over from the first. Makes for an odd shaped screenshot!

*Edit* Since people ask, that's 24 hyper-threaded cores, only 12 physical.
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Could you tell me what model are your monitors? I want to buy a new one but I need the colors to be perfect!
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I have actually changed monitors since I posted that desktop. Currently I have an HP ZR30w as my main and a Dell 3007wfp as my secondary monitor.
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whoooaaa, 30 inch!! that's so cool :O
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What a beast
Should be sweet to work with heavy imagery on that machine!
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Jesus dude, that thing is a beast
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The cores and ram are geekalicious - love it!

Great new update on the site as well obviously. I'm surprised you decided to change it actually, because of all people, you probably had your layout up for the longest, ever!
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Hehe thanks, version 2 almost made it 5 years. Decided last weekend I was fed up with it and knocked this out, actually surprised how quickly I managed it.
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O.o 24 gb ram with 24 cores..? I'm I reading that right?
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24 hyper-threaded cores, only 12 physical ones.
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what are your specs?
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This machine is a dual Xeon 5660 with 24 GB of Ram.
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nice! didnt know you have a new site man, looks great.
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4 real? 24 cores?
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That's a pretty serious machine you've got there...nice one.
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sorry, couldnt help myself.
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