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I've wanted to do an isometric picture for ages, and to try something light and colourful. I feel like I need to do some incredibly violent picture now to get this out of my system...

Some detail shots available here:
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is there a tutorial for this?
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this is not your artwork .__.
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My new wallpaper :3 Thank you! Very cute
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This is so cool
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Oh wow, this is gorgeous!
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wow pls. reply me back...
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This is brilliant. Nice work!
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vibrant and very yummy looking!
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nom nom nom! so effin cute!
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:P- - - i need chocolate...
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deliciosa perspectiva!
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wow dude, this takes the pixel art feel of non-pixel art to a whole new level!!!
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The cake is a lie. :cake:

Looks good, can't wait for your violent picture though, always liked those more. :)
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Yeah me too but getting good source photos is so hard for that sort of stuff.
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But that's the art of creating a violent picture, right? Taking an ordinary one and turning it into something else. I mean, would you have guessed in my picture overthinking the exploding head is a frozen strawberry getting shot?... :)
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I like getting some nice gory details in though, and for nothing looks better than real shots of... gore! I've found some ok ones in the past but only at relatively low resolution :(
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want gory pictures? head on over to [link] and have fun!!!
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