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My Bio

Nik Ainley is a digital illustrator based in the UK. He has been producing personal and commissioned illustrations for a wide array of clients for over ten years.

Self-taught, he first found his love for digital art while studying physics at university. He quickly found his interest in producing graphics on computer outgrowing that of his studies. After completing his degree he moved full time into design and illustration and has been there every since.

Nik is constantly trying to expand his range of abilities and is happiest when learning new software or techniques. He works in both 2D and 3D software to produce his images and especially enjoys the results combining the two can achieve. was first launched in 2004 and has since attracted over five million visitors.

He is represented in the UK by the Central Illustration Agency and sells high quality art prints with ClickforArt.

Nik is tired of writing about himself in the third person now and is going to stop.

Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Illustrator, 3DS Max
I always take progress shots of my work at regular intervals. In the case of 'Templar', which took a fair amount of time, this ended up with about 35 different shots. I thought I'd show about half of them here rather than have them sit about unseen.
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Umm um um

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I made a couple of different versions of my recent cakes wallpaper and thought I'd stick them here as I haven't got much else to do with them: as well as the slightly more frenetic: The thing about these two is that they are fully tileable. So if you want to use them as a wallpaper, just set them to tile, rather than stretch or centre and they should seamlessly fill any sized desktop. Personally I think they could make nice wrapping paper or laptop covers or something like that as well. If I had the time I would probably pursue that thought. On an unrelated note I finally updated my website fairly recently, after almost 5 years of the old
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Old games 2

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While I'm waiting around for some boring renders to finish, I thought it would be best to follow on my post about old games with another. I've only had a year and a half to think about what I should put in the list this time and have come up with another 6 classics. Now as before if anyone has some old games (pre-2000 I'll say, one of mine only just sneaks in there) that I've forgotten about I'd love to hear them. I fear the part of my brain that remembers that far back has been eroded away by excessive redbull and porn. So in no particular order (with the last one as an exception) here they are: 1) Cannon Fodder Just 4 little guys agains
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Hi Shinybinary. I will offer you $20 for the use of either "Stranger" pr "Mystic" for a magazine cover. I would need an image with no watermarks, and also at 300dpi.

My name is Jeani Rector, and I am the editor of the established, award-winning ezine and print magazine called The Horror Zine, which is found here:

Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me here:

Jeani Rector, Editor
Hey, you're still here! 

What happened?
We want more! La la la la 

Had to think about your website designs after a year or then. Still freakin amazing!!
wondeful progression
i need some logo designs made how can we discuss more about the project? message me as I'm new here i nearly know how to work this site  lol thanks in advance
Thanks for accepting my auto-submission to Winampers! (of
Layer Mask tutorial)
Could you make me a logo? Ill pay you! I actually just want a font change not a whole logo done. My existing logo I love it but I just want a better font. I found this beautiful pink and green typography you did and I loved it.