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My Lost Memories



Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Important...  You should have a gmail address in order to receive my tutorials.

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Graphic tablet REQUIRED

New Painted Look Premium Video tutorial "My Lost Memories"    


you can purchase this tutorial via paypal for $19.00 USD!
Just contact me at --> for more information.

Skull and Crossbones  Please do not redistribute this tutorial or re-create it after you have purchased it. Thank you!

small heart - rainbow This is a 10 parts tutorial step by step video where you will learn how to make a smooth painting effect, apply makeup, paint eye lashes, how to add tears, add skin texture ( the third tecnique, retouch lips and a lot more.
Star Rainbow This pack contains my own skin brush and hair brush and also the stock image of the model!

** Tools in use
In this tut Ive tried to introduce the needed tools; so this tutorial would be useful even for those who are NEW with Photoshop ;even kids!

Bullet; Yellow Part1- A Quick way to change the background

Bullet; Pink Part2- Smudging

Bullet; White Part3- Painting over the skin;lips and eyes

Bullet; Yellow PART4- How to draw the eyebrows

Bullet; Orange Part5- Painting over the body

Bullet; Black Part6- Skin texture

Bullet; Purple Part7- How to change the facial expressions and add makeup

Bullet; Blue Part8- How to add real tears

Bullet; Red Part9- Dodge and Burn

Bullet; Yellow Part10- The last touch

Bullet; RedThis tutorial is not about painting over hair;For learning how to paint over hair please check out my painting over hair tutorial

Great works using my tutorial
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Okay. I am not really sure if my skills as an art newbie could qualify me to write a critique. But anyway, here goes.

So I was really envious about the whole painted look trend that's been going on in DA's photomanip community. And I figured that I also have to jump into the bandwagon not because I want to be in but because I was head over heels in love with the whole painting effect. So with that brewing envy, I began to scour a lot of sites across Google and DA for tutorials about the painted look. Alas, all the tutorials I've found were lacking and didn't give me the result I needed.

So I continued to search and finally, my relentless scouring led me to this tutorial. I was instantly inlove with the image above and I was swooning like mad. I admit that it took me weeks to finally buy this but that's because I was also searching for a local supplier who is selling a graphics tablet. So when I found one, I immediately bought this tut.

So what can I say? Let's break them down, shall we?

a. Vision- What I admire about this tutorial is the artist's goal to create a material that would not only be friendly to advance users but to the beginners as well. Most of the tutorials I've come across during my search were assuming that all their readers are well versed in photoshop and photomanip, and thus, proceeded to create materials without keeping in mind that majority of the readers do not have an idea how things go with PS and photomanips. I mean, people searched for tutorials because they don't have the knowledge to do this and that. And creating materials that are not thoroughly explained and would led to more confusion greatly defeats the purpose of teaching and learning.

My Lost Memories is simply superb because the artist created it with the beginners in mind. It doesn't assume and thoroughly covered the important stuff so even kid could understand.

b. Originality- I am giving this tut a perfect 5 because I haven't seen any painted look tutorial as exhaustive as this one. And most of the so-called painted look tutorials I've found across the net didn't yield such wonderful results like this one.

c. Tecnhique- Shiny's a very good teacher. I've learned a lot from the tutorial. And the steps were neatly organized from the most basic to advance making the overall thing very easy to understand. You might wonder as to why the tutorial is very long but that's because she really explained n the whole process of this and that. There's no rush and the pacing was normal enough to give you time to adjust and process what's going on in a particular step.

d. Impact- MINDBLOWING??? I am serious. My Lost Memories is like a no holds barred tutorial. Shiny shared a lot of her secrets in this tut. And I was really happy with the results of my own work after learning from this tutorial. I actually didn't sleep at all because I immediately wanted to put the tut into action.

e. Comprehensiveness of the Material- Excellent! The video is rendered in ultra HD with very clear text tips. You've got to be blind if you can't read it. And the instructions were direct to the point. This is one the best tuts I've encountered so far. I didn't have a headache trying to decipher what the instructor is trying to teach.

And so...

This tutorial is all worth it. IMO, My Lost Memories is not just for tablet users but for those who have none as well. I created my first ever painted look without a tablet and so far the result is decent. If you want to see what I created using this tut, visit these links: and What are you waiting for? Buy the tut now. You will not regret it. xD