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Agent Of CATSUIT! (137) by Shiny-Fan
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Agent Of CATSUIT! (137) :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 75 11
Shine Of The Doctor. by Shiny-Fan
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CATSUIT! Halloween 2019. by Shiny-Fan
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Spider-Gwen and Mary Jane. by Shiny-Fan
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Spider-Gwen and Mary Jane. :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 101 7
Shiny Seven In The Captain's Chair. by Shiny-Fan
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Agent of CATSUIT! (136) by Shiny-Fan
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Agent of CATSUIT! (136) :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 80 16
Return Of The Raider. by Shiny-Fan
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Return Of The Raider. :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 124 7
Agent Of CATSUIT! (135) by Shiny-Fan
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Agent Of CATSUIT! (135) :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 119 11
Venom Assassin. by Shiny-Fan
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Venom Assassin. :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 67 16
Scarlet Witch Variation. by Shiny-Fan
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Scarlet Witch Variation. :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 151 17
Scarlet Witch. by Shiny-Fan
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Scarlet Witch. :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 168 14
Shiny Silver Seven Two-B by Shiny-Fan
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Shiny Silver Seven Two-B :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 31 4
Agent Of CATSUIT! (134) by Shiny-Fan
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Agent Of CATSUIT! (134) :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 135 7
Agent Of CATSUIT! (133) by Shiny-Fan
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Agent Of CATSUIT! (133) :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 55 13
Shiny Silver Seven Two-A. by Shiny-Fan
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Shiny Silver Seven Two-A. :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 34 10
Shiny Silver Seven Two. by Shiny-Fan
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Shiny Silver Seven Two. :iconshiny-fan:Shiny-Fan 77 13


Mrs. Peel by YCBatgirl by Rob66
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Agent Of CATSUIT! (137)
Outside the safehouse, Agent codenamed 'Prism' adjusts her communication gear whilst waiting for her car to be delivered. Although she has a specialist driver on her support team, like most Agents she prefers to be in the driver's seat. This is acceptable to the support operatives, who are usually happy to be taken anywhere the Agent wants.


Not got a lot of time ATM for fakery, but I'd found a couple of shots, one body, one head, that looked like they'd line up pretty easily. I probably spent more time adding the gloved hand with gun than the rest of it!

Thanks to for suggesting the gorgeous Lindsey Stirling. She was someone I'd been thinking about for some time, the request made my mind up for me!
Shine Of The Doctor.
What with one thing and another, the Doctor had been very busy since her regeneration. But one evening, as her companions were getting some much needed rest after their latest adventure, shefound herself with a bit of time to relax.

A look round the Tardis seemed long over due. Her magnificant craft had recently reconfigured itself and she was less familiar with it's layout than she'd like. A quick stroll around the corridors revealed new locations for the library, the kitchens, a pottery, some bins, the observatory, three identical boot cupboards, a go kart track, an aircraft hanger sized space packed full of tulips, and...

Clara's room.

That was a shock. Although her memories of Clara had been returned, the Doctor hadn't really had a chance to come to terms with them. She'd been a good friend, funny, clever, brave, caring...

There was a soft click, and a small door at the back of the room swung open. Curious, the Doctor went and had a look. Ah yes...she'd almost forgotten about that.

The room was full of clothing, although not the sort to be worn everyday. Clara had seemed to attract that sort of thing. The Mamallions, the Latex Nuns, the Pervoioid Pirates, Raston Fetish Robots, the bounty huntress Rubberina and her spanking posse...any and all beings with a fascination for rubber and bondage flocked to Clara like moths to a flame, capturing her, binding her, dressing her in the most perverse manner.

And Clara had kept it all. Souvenirs, she'd said. The previous Doctors had just accepted that without question. But this Doctor was a bit more curious. It seemed very odd to collect keepsakes of such captivity. Perhaps Clara hadn't been as bothered by it as she claimed? It was a mystery.

Still, the Doctor had once said that once Clara Oswald is in your head, she never gets out. Perhaps these garments would help her to get into Clara's head, find out what made her tick? There was an old proverb about walking a mile in someone's shoes to understand them. It looked like these shoes would fit. And if the shoes could help, then surely wearing their clothes would make things easier?

The Doctor returned to the console room just as the Tardis landed. Some desolate world looking like an abandoned quarry in Wales. It would be hours yet before the others woke up. Just time for a quick look around, then back to the Tardis and leave. Simple as that. After all, it wasn't as if she was going LOOKING for trouble...


OK, so I wanted to get something Who based done by the 23rd, as that's the anniversary. Not as complex or ambitious as I hoped, work is keeping me busy so I'm not doing much photo manipulation at the moment. But I got something done so I'm pleased with that.

As an aside, dA member… has recently started some Mammalion inspired photomanipulations. Worth checking out.
Not shiny, but Sophie Turner dressing up as Morticia Addams is worth a look...…
CATSUIT! Halloween 2019.
A series of bizarre murders had caught the attention of CATSUIT. Beheadings, flayed bodies, wounds unlike any projectile weapon. The organisation had heard rumours of such things, but had never been in a position to investigate before. But Agent codenamed Kissergram was in the right place at the right time. Or perhaps the wrong place at the wrong time.

All the leads pointed to a deserteed building on the edge of town. Kissergram drifted through it carefully, but someone inside was waiting. Someone, or something. A sudden rush of movement caught her attention, but whatever it was, she could not see it, just a blur like a heat haze. Before she could react she was scooped up, slammed against the wall, an iron grip at her throat. And then...


OK, this is an idea I've been playing with for sometime. I'm not entirely happy with the way the cloaking came out, but I've been trying different methods and this is the best I've managed. It wasn't going to be a Halloween image, but the idea I did have for that just wasn't working. And presenting this as a Halloween pic means it doesn't fit into CATSUIT canon, so it doesn't break the rules of that fictional world.

This is frustrating. I've had two ideas for Halloween images this year, but have been unable to get any where with them. A combination of innadequate source material, real life issues, and lost mojo. Annoying.


Shiny-Fan's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
OK, I've said this before, but it needs repeating.
All these images, I do for my own amusement. If other people like them, that's great, I'm genuinely pleased to read comments and criticisms. But that's not why I'm here. If it was, I'd accept commissions and charge for images.

If a celebrity and a situation appeal to me, then working on an image is a joy. But if they don't its a chore, one without reward. As such I do not do requests, there's no point for me.

That's not to say I don't listen to suggestions. If you've got a celebrity in mind, let me know. I might not have heard of them, might look them up and think 'oh yeah, this could work'. It's happened before, and it'll probably happen again.

Likewise with situations, though those rely entirely on me finding a suitable starting image. If you want to see, for example, Natalie Dormer in a latex catsuit, then that's easy (look in my Spy Girls folder, you'll find a few). If you want Natalie aiming a suppressed Glock 17 with laser sight that would be more difficult. Unless I can find an image of someone holding such a gun in a latex gloved hand I'd have to add it myself, which is possible but tricky.

And if you want Natalie tied to a ship's anchor and dropped in the briney depths you're probably out of luck. I'd have to find a catsuit image where the pose matched the anchor (or adjust the pose without making it crudely obvious), add ropes or chains, do the headswap, place it all on a suitable background and adjust everything so it looked like it was underwater. Not only do I not have the time or patience for that task, I'm simply not skilled enough.

To cut a long story short: Feel free to make suggestions, but don't be surprised or upset if the answer is no.

And for reasons I'm not going to argue about or even discuss, I am NOT going to do images of the Romanian pop star Inna. End of.


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