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As a Queen fan, I do say the Bohemian Rhapsody movie was pretty flippin' amazing.
There is no such thing as miracles!
Arisugawa Juri vs Tenjou Utena from the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. They're tied as my favorite character, Utena is who I strive to be like, but I'm more like Juri in reality.

Arisugawa Juri vs Tenjou Utena del anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. Las dos son mis favoritas personajes, Utena es quien yo esforzarse por ser como, pero yo estoy mas como Juri en realidad.

天上 ウテナ vs 有栖川 樹璃 、少女革命ウテナアニメから。ウテナと樹璃は一番のキャラクター、ウテナは試みる模倣てます、でも実は樹璃と私は同じです。
This is a very silly and fun game series, and ZOMG it's not an RPG! A  friend and I beat Gokujo Parodius and Sexy Parodius, on my Sega Saturn (there is a PlayStation version too.) Akane (bunny girl) is shooting the corn demon, and crossfire of pocorn and carrots commences!!! 
She is Zaartoma, an beautiful Elven summoner, from a parody 90's RPG style manga I want to create someday. Said manga won't focus on pregnancy, but said character will be pregnant in the epilogue.
Also part of a yearly tradition at my art school where we look at existing famous drawings, rewdraw them with out own elements/styles. This year we did "The Dream" by Henri Rousseau, I included a few Gustav Klimt influences as well as my own style.
Previous years projects:… ,… ,… ,… .
Ella es Zaartoma, una guapissima invocador de los elfos, de una paodia manga que era como  los RPGs del los 1990's. Ese manga no tiene mucho attención de el embarazo, pero ella va a estar embarazada en el epílogo.
Loading...… To anyone who thinks the EU is a paradise of freedom: wake up! The USA is very flawed, but it's not alone.



Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I draw mostly fanart: usually humor and pregnant women from anime/video games. With pregnancy art I aim to strike a balance where it is sexy but not downright porn. Also I draw some art depicting ancient cultures. I also cosplay, and post convention pics of myself, and others. If you see yourself in a convention photo of mine, let me know and I will tag you. I don't take requests, but I do take commissions., and art trades.
(English is my native language, however I do know some Spanish/Japanese)

Yo dibujo fanart, tipicamente chistes y mujeres embarzazadas de anime/videojuegos. Con el arte de las embarazadas, me gustaria establecer un equilibrio cuando es sexy, pero no es pornografía. También, yo dibujo art de culturas antiguas. Yo hago cosplay,y yo tengo fotos de yo y otros de convenciónes aqui. Si usted mira usted mismo en un foto de convención de yo, quiero saber, y yo voy a dar credito. Yo no hago solicitudes, pero hago comisiones y comercios de arte.


Other Websites:…………

Changed a few things. I am now taking commissions:


I WILL DRAW  (multiple concepts can be combined btw)

-Pregnant women (reasonably sized pregnant bellies. Max belly size would be twins aprox. If you don't specify, I will draw a pregnant woman in the third trimester with one child.)

SEGA Saturn Sexy Ladies Triptych by Shinto-Cetra

-Stuffed pregnant women (above rule on size still applies)

Post-Opera Cravings by Shinto-Cetra


Silvite Meatbag by Shinto-Cetra

-Women who aren't pregnant

Egyptian Priestess by Shinto-Cetra


Toasted ShishiO's by Shinto-Cetra


Deedlit by Shinto-Cetra


Dancing in Piata by Shinto-Cetra


Uzume no Mikoto by Shinto-Cetra

-Animals (ie other than humans)

Dragon chasing Dragon fruit by Shinto-Cetra


Flower Kiss by Shinto-Cetra

-Animal Ears/Tail

Kitsune-Onna by Shinto-Cetra

-Near humans (Eg Tolkien Elf, Star Wars Sith Pureblood, Twi'lek, Vile Tribe from Lunar, etc.)

Extreme Vile Volleyball by Shinto-Cetra





-Weight gain (Extreme cases. Some weight gain in conjunction with pregnancy or just curvy people is ok.)



-Massive pregnant women

-Full body/blueberry inflation

-Illegal drugs/Tobacco/Excessive alcohol (excessive alcohol only in regards to pregnant ladies. I could draw a pregnant lady with a little bit of alcohol. Aside from that, I just don't want to draw being drunk to the point of vomiting, but drunkards are otherwise ok.)



-Lolicon in suggestive poses (ie underage. I would be willing to draw said character if they got older)

-Extreme violence/gore/torture (light violence like epic battles are ok.)

-I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason


Lovemaking/sex. Consensual, tentacle-free, mind-control free, at or passed the age of consent only. 2 people max for now. Pregnancy is obviously ok (though not required.) Heterosexual/Homosexual both ok (again no mpreg.)

NSFW: For an example, view this external link on Pixiv:… (you need to make a free Pixiv account to view.)



-1 colored character $10 USD (I won't do black and white)

-Add +$5 USD for each extra colored character (max 3 characters per panel of paper) 

-Colored background for characters: +$5 USD

-If you are drawing something that is of interest to me (An anime, game, movie, book, culture, etc I like) and your order totals $15 USD or more, you will receive a -$5 USD discount. I will notify you if your request qualifies, and some (but not all) of my interests are on my DeviantART profile.

-Payment is by Paypal only. If you select "Send money to friends and family", Paypal will not get a cut of my profits. If you want to select "Pay for goods or services", note me first, as Paypal will get a cut of my profits, and the order will have have tax added. If you are using another currency, tell me, and we will try to find the right conversion rate for the USD prices I require. I will not start until I have been paid in full. I don't do points commissions.

-If you want the original drawing, you must note me, and I will give you a shipping quote. Once you pay, I will send it.

-No refunds.




-"Characters" can be fictional beings, real/historical people, animals, and plants. As long as one being takes up a large portion of the paper, I define it as a "character".

-All commissions shall be done with Caran d'Ache Water-soluble colored pencils, and 12 x 16 Bristol board. They will be scanned to my computer, then uploaded to DeviantArt. 

-Please send me links to reference pictures. Eg, if you want X character in a different pose, send me a link to an image of the character art, and a link of a photo of a model in the pose you want. If not, I will find my own models.

-Give me 2 weeks to finish. If your commission is still not ready after that, then contact me. I am easy to reach on DeviantART.

-As of now, there will be 3 commission slots.

-Tell me if you want a title. 

-You are free to post a link to the commission on other websites, so long as you state that I am the artist, and do not claim ownership for my work. Please do not repost on DeviantART, I think two copies of the same image may confuse people to whom the artist is.

-If you want the originals full-sized download of the commission, let me know, and I will email it to you.

-I can do artwork with multiple panels of paper. This can increase
the character limit, time-frame for completion, and the price (still due
at the time of commission) accordingly per panel of paper.

-Note me if interested, any general questions, ask on this journal, and thanks for reading.

SLOT 1-empty

SLOT 2-empty

SLOT 3-empty

  • Listening to: Queen/Nobuo Uematsu
  • Reading: Through the Looking Glass
  • Watching: The Legend of Korra
  • Playing: Final Fantasy VII (2nd time)
  • Eating: Bananas
  • Drinking: water



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