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March 5, 2009
" The fantastic design of the house, the cracking stone path, the gnarled yet lively trees, the inviting ocean, and the intense attention to detail is just astounding. Truly an impressive piece. "

- Ocean Castle by ~Shinsen
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Suggested by Baz135
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- Ocean Castle

Here's something different!

Tried to vary from always doing characters, this one took me quite a while actually
I wanted to make it look like some sort of small island in the middle of the ocean with only a castle on top of it, which doesnt make much sense since the castle is huge so the person who wants to get to the top has to run around for quite a while to get on top. Oh well keeps the residents in shape thats for sure

thanks for stopping by guys, I truely appreciate this and I hope you enjoy the rest of my gallery! :)

EDIT 2: print now available, as requested :).
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Hey man,
I really love it and i'm creating this on minecraft.
I hope you like what i did with it.

Shinsen's avatar
hahaha thats awesome man! great job!
zorosen's avatar
really awesome, details and coloring are great.
(sorry for bad english).
Sakeson's avatar
Its great! I love the details and especially the colours. I am a big fan of Japanese Themed Castles aswell. Great work :D
Espery's avatar
Dream, really.
Coloring is a beautiful *o*
Minako37's avatar
this is mi dream house
SilverMoon9897's avatar
Great attention to detail! I love it. :squee:
kkashifkhawaja's avatar
Hi, can this be used commercially?
Shinsen's avatar
under the right copyrights and if given the share of the profit, sure, otherwise no.
dundypeeps444's avatar
I think I just found my house LOL
Shinsen's avatar
DustMako's avatar
Awesome, I'm gonna try and make a minecraft version of this xD
Shinsen's avatar
haha, let me see when its done!
DustMako's avatar
Didn't really turn out like this one, more of a medival tower, as the title says xD
otaku4life2010's avatar
will-o-the-wispy's avatar
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XHanneChanX's avatar
oooh! I want to live in that castle!! O_O <3
SwampLogger15's avatar
AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful! :D I love it! :D
Shinsen's avatar
thanks a lot (:
can I borrow this and use it on my blog?
Shinsen's avatar
Sure, if the proper copyrights are given (:
earthsea-23's avatar
We would be honored to include this piece in the gallery of #DreamsScape where original art is brought together. :)
Shinsen's avatar
Sure thing, thanks :)
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