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Black Trident Imperial Guard

FINALLY DONE! I am really proud of this one, I even think it's best best up to date :)

About this drawing;

The Black Trident is a society of Lizardfolk. They live on the ground, compared to other 'tribes' who are evolved differently to be able to live underwater. The black Tridents have a den in a Sunken Temple. Huge temple, around 2000 folks living in a community deep in the water. Some of them, however, live on the shore near the water. Still, the core of them live in The Sunken Temple of ancient Human Kingdom.
The Imperial Guards are the most well geared and equipped rank in the society. Half of them are workers, weaker physically and have less social advantages. Some are warriors, but nothing beats the armor and equipment of the Imperial Guards, adamantium forged plate armors and weapons, with the finest armorers of the Imperial community.
They are physically the strongest of the community, great hand-to-hand fighters, Polearm weapons specialized, trident, lance, 2-handed axes and such.
Living outside water, they are great swimmers, they need to leave the temple for business on the mainlands once in a while. However spokesmen or others fulfill this task. The Imperial Guards rarely leave the temple.
Being around 20-30 only, they have the order to make sure to protect their superior; the Sorceress Queen, mother of the community. ( On a side note, a drawing of the Sorceress Queen is in production).


Strength: High
Defense: High
Agility: Good
Endurance: Good
Intelligence: Low

Done in PhotoshopCS2, Wacom tablet
Took me around 20 hours overall

Hope you like it! :D
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He looks absolutely badass! Too bad his head his so small though... =s