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Nqwebasaurus thwazi ( a basal ornithomimid)



Here's a reconstruction of the primitive ornithomimosaur from the late jurassic/early cretaceous South Africa I originaly did for the calendar project of Hell Creek forum.

I based the general proportions of the body on Jaime Headden's (Quilong on DA) skeletal reconstruction and the skull on Pelecanimimus, another basal "bird mimic".

The feathery coat is meant to be ratite-like like the one of an Emu, hence its long and shaggy appearance.

Ornithomimus was recently found to have long arm feathers (proto-wings) and so I added them to my reconstruction. The feather arrangement with long coverts making a multi-layered look is based on another recent study.

The legs are naked for adaptation to fast running and since Pelecanimimus had teeth and no beak, I didn't give one to "Nqweba". I covered its teeth with lizard-like lips.

Et Voilà ! I drew this in more or less 10 minutes after some premilinary sketches.
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