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Imperobator sketch

The "Naze" Dromaeosaurid was recently found in Antarctica. Its remains are very fragmentary but we at least know
it was rather weird for a dromaeosaurid (it didn't possess a sickle claw on the second toe). Therefore, this reconstruction
is very speculative.

I decided to reconstruct "Naze" as a combination of eudromaeosauridae and unenlagiinae, hence the long and low skull.

Also, sitting position. Because it has become my trademark, I guess. ^^

Art by me, Shin Red Dear

skeletal references by Plastospleen

EDIT (28.04.19): The Naze raptor received this year a proper description and a name, Imperobator antarcticus. Experts do not
agree on what it might have been, some think it was a dromaeosaurid, others place it closer to Halszkaraptorids and some do not even think it can be identified as a paravian with any certainty. Whatever it was, it has a decent size, close to Utahraptor.
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What species of synapsids, plesiosaurs, and Eocene mammals lived in Antarctica?
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My apologies but I am not very well versed in the Antartica fauna from the Eocene. My advice is for you to do your own research instead of asking an amateur artist through a comment below a now very old artwork. ^^'

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Well i guess we have a cool giant yet very controversial raptor on our hands😂😂😂
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As always. XD Will probably revisit this guy some day. ^^
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