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Aurornis xui reconstruction colored

Everything's in the titel.

I used [link] 's skeletal reconstruction as a base and the colored scheme is totaly imaginary though a bit reminiscent of a sparrow's. Maybe I'll have to update once they found the color scheme of this little fellow.

Also I'm not sure of what the extent of Aurornis's plumage was so I based it on Archaeopteryx's.

Comments and constructive criticism are welcome. :)

EDIT: Got rid of the watermark and added my signature.
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Great rendering! Love the coloration. The only thing I might suggest is, not to follow the skeletal diagrams so strictly. Remember these animals had muscles on top of their bones. I like to imagine them as "fleshy" little animals. You should take a look at the book " The unfeathered bird", it shows exactly what I am talking about. Again, great reconstruction!