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METROCON just ended!
And here is something that happened~

So-- this was one of the two cosplays that I had to do (besides a Kimono for the dancing bit) for METROCON's Anime Human Chess Match!

We did a fight with about 8 Naruto clones and had a blast!
I hope to post a journal entry soon after it has been a while.

Costume was not made by me, but wig was styled. I actually HATE the wig. We did a group order and it was the worst thing to fix... ever. HAHAH. But it worked for a quick on stage performance. >D
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KyuubiUchimaki059's avatar
WOAH! That is an insanely bright wig! I love Naruto! Awww, u make the cutest characters!!! (oh...and Sebastian...he's sexy.) XD
ShinraiFaith's avatar
Hahah yes this was for a stage show at a con. ^^
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ShinraiFaith's avatar
It was for Metrocon's Chess Match back in 2010. =3
KyuubiUchimaki059's avatar
Gotta look at that one
Celebrindae's avatar
Aw, Naruto cosplay! I kinda miss mine...haven't done it in a while. That must have been so much fun! >w<
I'd love to watch Naruto play real chess. I feel like he'd just paint the pieces outlandish colours, and then use them to act out crazy battles of his own imagining without the board. XD
ShinraiFaith's avatar
Bwahaah! I can so see that. xD
Wolf-of-the-Leaf's avatar
No. Effin. Way.

So, now, we both share two blond cosplay characters XDDD Can't wait to read about the chess match!
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Kuro-Tatsu's avatar
Awww you're so cute.
ShinraiFaith's avatar
Hahah thanks. xD
ChibiGil's avatar
An awesome naruto and for me an awesome comming back present XD my holidays are over..e.e
ShinraiFaith's avatar
Aww. Thanks. And nooo not the holidays. x_x
ChibiGil's avatar
Oh Yes..the Holidays v.v Next week I have to go to school D:
patchworktrickster's avatar
SERIOUSLY?! xD Ahahahahaha~

Even you got to cosplay Naruto before me!
ShinraiFaith's avatar
I wish I wasn't serious. Hahahah!
Being forced into this was something else I say.

I never thought I would see the day.
patchworktrickster's avatar
What, not liking Naruto at all?

:'D I still like it. Mostly for AU versions and the original series. Shippuden is kind of fucking it up. D': I wanna cos' Naruto some day, I've already done Sasuke for a group, and Gaara for a group...
ShinraiFaith's avatar
No it's not that I don't like it... I just never really even watched it. At all. xD
patchworktrickster's avatar
Well, a backlog of several hundred is off-putting... and Naruto is kinda retarded in the first eps... hell, why did I watch it?! 8I
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I think the wig looks pretty cute xD Like, not exactly Naruto-hair but a different (better?) version. Heh.

I also never thought i'd see you as Naruto. Never ever. I looked at the photo and then at the username and i was like, "Did they get this right? Do i know someone who looks like her?"


You look very cute as Naruto and i wonder at how it suits you. But i digress.
ShinraiFaith's avatar
Hahah being forced as Naruto is a totally sifferent story man. xD

But thanks hun! It makes me happy to know I pull him off somehow. Hahaha.
SoCoPhDPepper's avatar
Naruto Cosplay :D
LOL, I actually feel dirty cosplaying Kakashi because 14yr old girls keep asking to take photo's with me D:
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