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Catch the Snitch

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Okay so this is the last shot that I have of all the fun things.
Yes last shot for HP, but no worries. I'll be doing something again with them... sometime.

I will do the Quidditch robes one day. I swear. xD
So yes I know we're not wearing them, but you can pretend~ Oooo magic!

I honestly have to say I love this one. It was my favorite of the bunches of HP photos. I don't know what it is but Jer and I were stuck in the oddest positions forever for Emily to get this shot. ^^


Harry: Me
Draco: ~fullmetal-punk
Photo: ~chocolate-queen401
Costumes made by me.
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scroll down and you will find something interesting ;)
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Hahah yes I saw that a while back! I am so flippin honored I cannot even explain it. ;o;
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I kind of feel the same I was like 'hey I know them:D'
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Woooah nice work on the costume O.o You look really cute!

Btw, I saw this in an article on Just thought I'd let you know ^^

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Hahah thank you so much! It was such a pain to do the same thing twice haha~ (I actually made three of these. Ick. I cannot imagine the actual poor costume makers making ALL of the ones for the movie) xD

And thank you!! I had a friend show me! It is SUPER amazing! ;o;
I am truly honored hahah~
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where'd you get the snitch? of did you make it?
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I got the snitch offline. But it's the one that the bookstores were/are selling for like $10? =D
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love the draco sneer
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xD Hahah yeah he is pretty much Draco. <3
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That is kind of a really amazing Draco face XDDD great cosplays!
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Thank you so much~
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he always wins... just like ash ketchum
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This is pretty much the most epic picture. Ever. I love it! :D
I clicked on your profile and, not to sound really creepy/stalkerish, I noticed that you had Sakura-Con listed as a Con to go to. Are you going this year? :D If so, I hope to see you there!
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Thanks so much!
And yes I will be going to Sakura-Con~ =D
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now on "BEST WORK" on my cosplay group ^_^ compliments for the amazing job
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Oh thank you so much! It is a very big honor! *_*
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