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Be Strong

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One more from this just for the heck of it.

New costumes on the way man!
New stuff. Just have to wait 3 weeks. >D
And all those secrets costumes shall be revieled.

Again.. I love these snow globes. I do do do. =3


Sora, Wig, Costume: Me
Photo by: ~fullmetal-punk
edited by me.
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Your so cute in this, awesome job! *tries to poke your face* :D
ShinraiFaith's avatar
^////^ heheh thank you~~ <3
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DUUUUDE. WAANNT. Where'd that snow globe come from???

You're my favorite Sora by the way ;D
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Hahah why thank you~

It's actually from the Disney store, at Disney World.

She got it years ago,. ^^
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Neat. . . I kinda want one. . .
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I was looking at that in the message section, trying to figure out what the hell it was. Seriously, that's the most epic snow globe/hourglass I've ever seen :D
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My gosh. Your Sora wig is asolutely PERFECT. <333
You've done an amazing job on it. <3
And you make a great Sora. <3

That is one awesome snow globe. xDD
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<33333 Thank you so much hun! It means a ton. -huggles-

And man my mom rocks.
AudraUzumaki's avatar
You're welcome. <33
And I will have to agree! xD
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Oh my gosh! A new picture <3 xD It's great! *-* I love it.
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Haha woo photos.

I have one that will be going up later that was taken today. >D
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Oh I see! xD I have to write some comments *_* xD But at first I wanted to answer you xD So now I'm going to look at them :3
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That is an amaizng snow globe!
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Believe in the me who believes in you!! :D
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be strong believe?

any reference to the band Yellowcard?
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i havent heard anyone mention them in years, so i was thinking no one liked them!
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ZOMG first comment! :XD:

I love the eyes~ Like, LOVE them. Blue eyes are amazing like that! :heart:
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Thank you so much!

I wish... my eyes were blue. HAHAH!
Love my contacts like woah. ^^
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Where do you get the contacts?!!? Whenever I look for them online, they're like, $200. If 2 zeros were taken off then I wouldn't be complaining... :XD:
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I actually got them for like $20? xD

They are especially made for darker eyes too.

From here: [link]


Awesome prices! And great stuff.
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OMG, I love you.

You don't know how useful this will be!

Thank you~! :heart:
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