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Sin and Psyler Chest Meme

Based off yet another random meme “girl looking at guy’s chest.”
Already posted on Twitter for context:…
Psyler seems to be noticing Sin’s chest for the first time. Odd considering he walks around bare-chested all the time. :B
I guess this pic is just to show you guys I’m still kicking! I know my artwork is getting more scarce but here’s some assurance I’m still around. XD
Otherwise file this under “seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Sin and Psyler the lombax belong to me :iconshinragod:
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dude gots some nice man boobies ;) with lovely lil chest fluff with it.

its actually funny considering how much both sides gender will stare at bare chest when its exposed and cause same reaction, flat or round. =p

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X3 yes Sin does have quite the pair of man melons dont he?!

that is true to some extent x3 I’ve been bare chested at the beach before and never get as many glance. then again I don’t gotta swole chest like here xD no one is perfect x3

thank you for the awesome comment =^•^=

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When your male crush got a bigger chest than you do

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XD you just cant help but stare

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you doing great.

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Aw thanks Trex :3

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your welcome pal.

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I bet she’s imaging him flexing his pecs.

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And probably what the rest of him looks like underneath ;3

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Been a long time since we saw any artwork of these two, but at least it's a good excuse to use them for another ridiculous meme. I have better respect for the fully-illustrated variants, as opposed to copy/paste some pop culture heads or text onto the original images. No creativity and no effort. But here, you did excellent to have your original characters involved. Sin has quite the buff set of man boobs for the comedic display, much to Psyler's suppressed admiration. =P

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XD I been doing alotta these silly memes lately xD I dunno why honestly. maybe Twitter is providing me with more artistic inspiration than I give it credit for xp

but it has been a while since I drew my Lombax characters. This was a great opportunity to reintroduce them again strangely enough xD thank you for the great comment bro =^^=

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Boy, it looks like somebody's a bit flustered. X3

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Flustered in getting his attention to let him know how she really feels bout him ;3

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