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Queen of Summer 7 Rd4: Mina VS Stone Jackal

Round 3 ended between Aziel Darius and Dark Shikoku with Aziel winning with 58% of the vote.…
That eliminates one of The Angels participating in this contest set to last throughout the year beyond summer. To that effect the name will be changed to Bikini Queen once fall hits. I mean where I live summer pretty perpetual but still…xD

Let’s proceed to Round 4 regardless. Another Angel will be competing against another heavy hitting contender: a Malmsteen no less.

Mina Malmsteen thanks to her industrial strength sunblock is able to be out in the beach daylight air and indulge in of her favorite beachside past times: building sand castles.
She is building what she feels is a pretty adequate representation of her ancestral home in Petsylvania.

Then another one of the Angels shows up: Stone Jackal. Her ability to manipulate the earth including the sand has her effortlessly make pretty perfect representations of the pyramids of Egypt as well as a sphinx with her visage on it.

What took Mina well over an hour to make took Stone Jackal a minute at most.
Mina is not happy being upstaged like this xp.

Same routine as always: visit my DA poll and pick who you want to advance to the semi-finals.…

Mina Malmsteen and Stone Jackal belong to me :iconshinragod:
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Flitze's avatar

Will Rose Coyote be there in round 5? It's about time.

Nafyotoon's avatar

Nicely done 👍

CaseyDecker's avatar

Because of her ability to manipulate sand and stone at will, I totally figured that Stone Jackal would be quite skilled at making sand sculptures with ease, much to Mina's envy. ;)

ShiroLobo's avatar

Stone Jackal's just showing off now ^^

PLCTheCd's avatar

Poor Mina never stand a chance

Helixdude's avatar

Stone definitely, anubian jackals are one of me weaknesses

busterkeatonrules's avatar

Yup, voting for Stone. In addition to her sand-bending powers, which are impressive in their own right, I also like her refreshing Egyptian-themed approach over Mina's more clichéd sand castle.

gizmo01's avatar

She is crafty yet lazy :D

mreiof's avatar

Hah!! Ok, this made me laugh!! Great stuff! Summer isn't over yet! ^+^

shinragod's avatar

X3 one last summer finale

glad it brought a smile to your face =^^=

mreiof's avatar

It really did! Brilliant idea!! 😃

shinragod's avatar

Thank ya =^^= I try to keep it fresh

Flitze's avatar

Mina is back and she will definitely be gone soon. Because I voted Stone Jackal.Anubis Statue Icon ultrabig

shinragod's avatar

That statue is awesome:0

stone jackal looked like she made it herself!

TUFFAgentShepherd's avatar

Sorry, Mina. But, I gotta go with Stony on this.

She just seems to be in her element here. ;)

shinragod's avatar

Without a doubt she is. If Stoney wins it will be just as upsetting for Mina xp

TUFFAgentShepherd's avatar

Well, gotta take the good with the bad. :shrug:

shinragod's avatar

This in the wake of her losing to Lola xD

byt she’s got a sizeable so we’ll see ;)

TUFFAgentShepherd's avatar

Oh, yeah.

We'll let the votes decide. ;)

kakyuuspark's avatar

No challenge for Stone Jackal when it comes to sand.

Can't blame Mina for being upset,though.

shinragod's avatar

Isn’t it like real life though when something you worked long and hard on takes only a few minutes for someone else to do? XP it’s enough to make anyone upset

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