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Queen of Summer 7 Rd3: Aziel VS Dark Shikoku

Round 2 of Queen of Summer finally ended between newcomer Tori Morblung and Valerie Quinn…
In a shocking turn of events Tori won with 54% of the vote!! The newcomer has won over one of our frequent participants and will advance to the semi-finals!
We still love u though Val u cute hippie fox!

Now onto round 3 with two very dark characters competing with on another. The mischievous magic user Aziel Darius vs the ninja shadow user Dark Shikoku (Suzuki Shadows)
How do these two extraordinary girls with supernatural powers face off with one another?

…..By playing ping ping of course. Huh; not exactly a high stakes match between two proficient magic users is it? Imagine if Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort’s final confrontation ended with them settling it with a game of ping pong?? :p

These rounds are coming in late aren’t they? So many projects at once all while visiting my family! I guess this Queen of Summer thing is more or less a Bikini Queen competition! I anticipate this will last throughout the rest of the year. XD

Anyways please visit my poll and vote on who should advance to the semi-finals! Either pick Aziel Darius or Dark Shikoku! A regular cat vs dog match here! ;B…

Aziel Darius and Dark Shikoku belong to me :iconshinragod:
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You could have guessed it was a Table Tennis game on the Beach.:)

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XD i dunno if i woulda guessed these two would duke it out

but it’s summer so might as well do something recreational at the beach

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When will Rose Coyote perform? I promise I'll be patient when Queen of Summer 7 is over.:)

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She’s scheduled to appear towards the end ;)