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Mai Ling and Turtle Surprise

I didn't draw my assassin cat girl from my Sly series named Mai Ling for a while. So here she is in summer bikini wear enjoying the ocean.

Until one very naughty trutle swims by and pulls a 'Coppertone pull-down' on her. O.o Don't ask how the trutle jumped that high outta the water to grap her bikini bottom.

BTW: After this pic; that turtle is now officially Mai Ling's dinner. XD Nice turtle soup. Well no one ever messes with her like this and gets away with it. (Unless she wants them too.)

She's shocked. But for a split second. Seeing as how easily pissed she gets.

Mai Ling is (c) to me shinragod
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© 2004 - 2022 shinragod
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thestooge2222's avatar
How much to redraw this? 
shinragod's avatar
20 dollars maybe? ;D
thestooge2222's avatar
I'd say some where between 15 and 20

(Not that I'm trying to swindle you, no no far from it)
shinragod's avatar
Oh I know. ;D
I'll do it for 18 then. ;D
thestooge2222's avatar
Deal! I'll send the money A.s.a.p. 
shinragod's avatar
Very well then. ;D
You got my Paypal yeah? I'll start tomorrow. ;D
thestooge2222's avatar
Uh, no. Could you tell me? 
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BLADEDGE's avatar
will we see an update to all your old Mai pics one day?
MintyMousyX's avatar
She wasn't counting with a surprise attack XD
sexykrystal's avatar
lol! nice! at lest that it did not bit her rear
NotHereAnyMor's avatar
Alone who happened to witness this probably also became dinner too. [runs off]
chichixiaoyu's avatar
That turtle is such a perv! Well...if it weren't for him, we wouldn't catch a view of Mein Ling's bum now would we? *Runs and hides* I feel sorry for the turtle since she eats him, oh well. X D

Oh, yeah, now that school is out for me, I wanna draw Mein Ling and Jeannie. :3
shinragod's avatar
LOL! so do I. IO am working on a pic of it right now. But it would be cool to see one from you too. ^^ Thank you
kookybat's avatar
:rofl: Silly turtle! That's so cool!! Too bad she eats him, there really aren't enough pervert turtles around. :3
silversister's avatar
LMAO!!!! :D Baaaaad turtle...... x3
iankeaton's avatar
hehe, thats a pretty cute funny pic. :3
Derieru's avatar
Hahaha ;D
I really laughed felt for this one :D
Her face..So shocked! XD
Keep going mate :)
wolfcub's avatar
Naughty Turtle Coolio :lmao:
sam-gwosdz's avatar
Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Coppertone turtle! XD hehe :D Very amusing ^-^
freqrexy's avatar
What a perv XD *whacks turtle with cheap paper fan* Heh, your art in here is getting clearer by the minute, and the expressions upon Mein Ling and the turtle have managed to fit well with the more "dirty" aspects of the picture. The anatomy's also growing strong, especially with the positions of the limbs and detail to the back. One little suggestion is to probably show a bit more detail to the rocks in terms of their shading, but it has still managed to stand well as a very well done image in your gallery Chris :D
Keep up the good work!
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