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Mai Ling Turtle Surprise Redux

This is a redone piece of an older piece I did a LONG time ago. a VERY long time ago.…

Yeah; this was a piece I originally did well over eleven years ago.
So here's a more current rendition. Well; it's an improvement in some ways I believe. XD Either way, Mai Ling will dine on turtle soup tonight for this indignity. XD

This was a commission BTW.
From :iconthestooge2222:. You're welcome. ;)

Mai Ling belongs to me :iconshinragod:
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© 2015 - 2021 shinragod
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vassilizaitzev's avatar

Something tells me Mai is in the mood for Turtle soup after this. :)

DambleGamble's avatar
what a beautiful round turtle... round, soft, red... turtle Heart  
Mephisto996's avatar
I like the way you draw butts! The rosey blushes on the cheeks are a nice touch!Love 
Revan005's avatar
Thanks turtle.:DThumbs Up 
thestooge2222's avatar
I forgot to ask can I post this on my accounts with credits and links to you? 
shinragod's avatar
Yes of course U can. ;D
TSM-Draws's avatar
Vector-Yamazaki's avatar
I remember this picture! The old one is a classic, but this one is hotter! ;)
shinragod's avatar
A little touch up helps our feline friend out. ;D
Qeni-40-Oh's avatar
Dat must be a sweet-looking bottom.
CaseyDecker's avatar
This picture you've done featuring such an awkward yet kinky moment for Mai looks very nice, man. ;)
Sinaherib's avatar
Good turtle! After you finish the bottom, go for the top!:D
shinragod's avatar
That would be super impressive for the turtle to reach up there. XD
Sinaherib's avatar
Yes, it will be hard... but totally worth it!
TUFFAgentShepherd's avatar
What a cheeky turtle that one is. ;P
shinragod's avatar
For sure. A cheeky turtle who likes cheeks.
DarkMageDragon's avatar
That turtle must belong to master roshi. XD
shinragod's avatar
May not be the same brown one; but it certainly seems to influenced by the perverted Kamehameha master himself. XD
KingShovelton's avatar
That turtle wanted to get himself a nice view. lol Awesome work! ;)
shinragod's avatar
I mean sure we have a beautiful seascape...but the turtle wanted to see something along with it to make it more beautiful. ;D
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