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Lady Malmsteen and Kitty Katswell Posing

Lady Malmsteen and Kitty Katswell posing for the latest art meme on Twitter…
X3 not the only fandom I’ll be trying this on. OC and main female character side by side doing hot stuff ;3

Lady Malmsteen belongs to me :iconshinragod:
Kitty Katswell belongs to Nickelodeon
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© 2021 shinragod
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StephDragonness's avatar

Bongo Cat *proceeds play there buns like bongos*

:XD: i couldn't help myself.

shinragod's avatar

the temptation is just far too great xD

DevilWolf9's avatar

Carmelita, Mai Ling, Lady Malmsteen, Kitty, all 4 of them rock this pose perfectly! ;P

shinragod's avatar

X3 did my best to make sure they did

the-pyro-gamer's avatar

Forgot to comment on this-

But anyway could this be the Lady's time to rise again? Or is it still Lola's probable never ending spotlight?

Who knows but mazing work there man!

shinragod's avatar

I say the two each get the proper time to shine ;3 The Lady’s time could be nearing again though x3 but the Loony Raccoony never sleeps

thank u =^^=

scificat's avatar

I'm really not one to follow meme trends but this is too tempting.

Lovely work you did with both.

shinragod's avatar

Yeah the sexy pose really gets n artist (especially rule 34 ones like u n me) thinking ;3

thank u very much =^___^=

CaseyDecker's avatar

Both ladies look quite sexy and kinky in such a pose for these drawings you've done, man! ;)

shinragod's avatar

X3 a very provocative pose indeed Casey

thank u =^^=

CaseyDecker's avatar

You're welcome as always! ;)

LukeTheRipper's avatar

Heh, I see Jack-O's crouching stance got really popular lately, surprising as she had it ever since Xrd

Still, great work ^^

shinragod's avatar

It had been mentioned that it was at least five years overdue

but now it’s being given it’s dues

guess some memes take a good amount of time before getting very popular (Steamed Hams anyone?)

and thank u =^^=

LukeTheRipper's avatar

Yeah, Jack-O had that pose ever since her debut, and gives how provocative it is, it's just surprising all the pervs didn't catch up on that until now XD

It's true that some memes only get popular after many years, but that's because someone made a joke out of them that only caught on now, in Jack-O's case, it's the internet failing to notice a sexy pose in a popular game, so yeah XD

TUFFAgentShepherd's avatar

This is really interesting. ^^

Not to mention sexy. :D

shinragod's avatar

Interesting and sexy is a good way to out it indeed ;3

shinragod's avatar
mature915's avatar

Nice meme pose reference of your take.

But I hate to say for Kitty, Lady Malmsteen does a pretty sexier work with her big butt. ;)

shinragod's avatar

XD it’s my fault giving Lady M a bigger butt than Kitty’s

though Kitty’s original model is very stick thin so not really that hard xD

mature915's avatar

Hehe, its ok there pal. ^^;

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