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August 2021 PinUp: Michiru Kagemori


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July is over and it’s time once agaib yo continue with my pinup project involving characters I’ve not yet drawn.
My previous pinup was of the bodacious and sporty faun Elora from Spyro ReIgnited.…
We move on now to anime featuring another sporty fur.
She’s become a smash hit in the anthro community and for good reason.
Everyone’s favorite tanuki dream girl Michiru Kagemori from Brand New Animal.

Michiru is one of those characters who has a face you can get easily smitten by! Just by looking at her rounded features and lovely blue hair complimented by her nice long ears is enough to make many an anthro lover fall for her.
And she also has a great figure to boot! Her body is also very attractive given how active she is!

She’s posing nude with a basketball outside at a street basketball court. It’s my first time drawing her so getting her hair and eyes right was essential. It took much trial and error among other things to get it right for a first attempt. Of course won’t be the last fume I draw her! I haven’t seen BNA yet but Michiru alone is both a selling point and all the reason I need to sit down n watch it eventually.
The creators knew this tanuki girl was going tp attract a lot of anthro lovers! I know she has to me.

As well as my good friend
Check it out :3…

Michiru Kagemori is the creation of Studio Trigger.
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Jul 25, 2021 10:11:07 PM -10:00
© 2021 shinragod
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DevilWolf9's avatar

She's looking lovely as ever! It's hard not to fall for a tanuki like her! ;P

shinragod's avatar

She’s easily one of the cutes/prettiest anthro girls in anime =^^=

TheDogwhitaTail's avatar
StarwindArts's avatar

I have yet to see BNA either, but your pinup of Michiru is quite sexy. I absolutely love the pose you drew her in here. ^_^

shinragod's avatar

Thank u =^^= I found it in a book of sexy poses and I thought it would do just nicely for her <333

StarwindArts's avatar

You're welcome! ^.^

MrPwner911's avatar

Michiru too damn cute

shinragod's avatar

God is she ever =^^= <333

Flitze's avatar

This is beautiful and Sexy Michiru Kagemori Naked.:heart: revamp

Acidarms's avatar
shinragod's avatar

She really really is <3333

TUFFAgentShepherd's avatar

I've been seeing a lot of her lately. ^^

shinragod's avatar

For good reason I find.

TUFFAgentShepherd's avatar
teamlpsandacnl's avatar
Bikini Christmas Michiru Kagemori! (BNA)

hey post comment my xmas 2020!

BluSniper21's avatar
shinragod's avatar

She totally is =^^=

BluSniper21's avatar

Yeah! She is my favorite since I first time watch BNA.

shinragod's avatar

I must watch it still

but even without having seen it yet I already love her so x3

BluSniper21's avatar

Well you can watch it in Fmovies.

teamlpsandacnl's avatar

me waiting season bna 2

BluSniper21's avatar

Wait, new season?

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