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12 Days for subjub

This is one of my favorite requests I filled out for the 12 Days thing. And it's for :iconsubjub:.

It's a TUFF Puppy piece of fan art; with a holiday theme I really would have loved to see. It's Dudely and Kitty during the hypothetical "Married Years." And as per family custom; they spend their holidays with their parents as best they can.
In this case; it's Mrs. Katswell's house. (AKA Kitty's mom. XD)

A lot of time has gone by apparently. Mrs. Katswell si getting impatient that Kitty and Dudley haven't been trying to become parents. She wants grandkids; and she wants them now!! Dudely looks like he's uncomfortable with this pressure; and Kitty just looks away embarrassed at her mom's insistent demands.

Looks like marrying Kitty caused Dudley to wear pants for once. Seems like he's willing to wear pants more than start raising kids. It's a first step anyway towards maturity. But it's pretty clear neither Dudley or Kitty want kids now. Mrs. Katswell sure does though. XD

Kitty and Mrs. Katswell and Dudley Puppy belong to Nickelodeon
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Kitty Katswell should be existing Marry Eric. and will be her come true and Wish you Redraw this to Kitty and Eric.

Wallaroo's avatar
I can bet Fran Drescher's voice from the Nanny
The Hotel Transylvania movies would be used
in THAT scene!

Sushicat28's avatar
Your in trouble.......
CrystalPepsiDA's avatar
Probably Jersey or Boston
shinragod's avatar
I lived there for a short while. I'd say if I were to live there again I'd try for San Antonio.
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Me: Dudley, you might wanna watch out... She's gonna you the licking!
Darkdealer65's avatar
you can't rush these things
puglous's avatar
And dogs and cats can't reproduce...
Darkdealer65's avatar
has it ever been tried?
puglous's avatar
I guess I don't want to know.
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Typical mother in law.
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Mrs.Katswell: You better get to work mr! (rolls up news papaer)
Dudley:Yes mama! (drags Kitty to bed room)
Kitty:Well this is my life now.
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It's times like this that Dudley and Kitty should bring their blasters while visiting family. LOL
Revan005's avatar
Poor Kitty and Dudley.:XD:
hansemist's avatar
Me: Jesus H. Christ........
Shelbi-Cat's avatar
Haha Lol Funny XD
solid32's avatar
Kitty and Dudley are what?  Grandchilds? Pants? Is this the "supposed" future of my heroes? EqG Applejack WTF IS THIS?!? Plz  I don't know what to say, or think...

Beyond all this.... Very good work Partner!!  Awesome as always! Love the motifs on their sweaters and specially Kitty's face, it says it all! Clap La la la la :happybounce: +fav Heart 
shinragod's avatar
Yeah!! Be thankful there were no more seasons to allow such insanity to take place. ;D

That's what I love about Dudley and Kitty; working with their facial expressions!! Working within the show's brand of humor allows me to choose a wide array of expressions.
Working within the way most fans treat the show seriously would've limited me to such expressions as: ":-D" and ":-I" and ">:-[" and of course "XD"
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Haha! I fear this will be my mother in the future :omg: :XD: Nice work!
shinragod's avatar
Mine too. XD
Thank you. ;D
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Heh, this is such an awkward family moment involving Kitty's mother in this picture you've done, and the characters' expressions are cute and funny as well. :lol:
DarthBane48's avatar
Wow talk about serious pressure 
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