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It's been a while since I've blogged something so here's something about our Legend of Korra shoot. It's definitely been one of my more exciting shoots; always good to get out of the usual comfort zones.

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The convention season is well and truly over for me for the year. I had intended on attending Brisnova for the Madman finals but alas, commitments to friends had to take precedence. It's been a fairly low key year for me if I'm to compare it to last year. I guess you can say I'm fairly happy it's turned out this way as I really needed time to recover; besides muscles turning soft the doctors have given me a passing marks for my health. Challenge is in maintaining it.

That said, I do miss the hectic lifestyle of doing one shoot after another practically every weekend. As summer fast approaches I do think I may be returning to that type of lifestyle sooner than I am prepared for and I foresee next year to go back to being busy once again. Endless cycle!
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