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Shemira is from AFK Arena

Shemira is a durable mage who is famous for her high sustain in the battlefield. She can efficiently heal herself and deal continuous damage, making her suitable for having the position of being the team carry. She also can apply a silence debuff on the opposing mage or support hero.

A soul forged in sorrow with nothing left to her in the world. This was Shemira in the final months of her life. Her husband had been a renowned healer, but her adoration and respect for him had gone out the window when she heard about the horrific acts of which he'd been accused. Her love soured such that when his execution came, she felt more anger than sadness. Niru had left her alone to care for their son in an uncaring world.

It wasn't long after Niru's execution that the fevers took hold on her boy, Daimon. Had Niru been present, Shemira was sure that he could've done something. She did everything she could, calling on all the best remaining physicians of Esperia and keeping vigil with silent prayers at the child's bedside. Her efforts, however, were not enough. After his burial, she felt as if she had nothing left to live for. There was no longer any reason to go about her days as she had before. She began spending almost every waking hour next to the grave of her son, sometimes filling the cemetery with a haunting wail, sometimes staring trancelike at the headstone for hours on end. She stopped taking food more often than not, and her face became hollow, her expression blank.

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The character doesn't belong to me. This was an art drawn in a greater quality than the original using Paint Tool SAI.


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Yeah xD
She drains a lot HP
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Shes gorgeous Heart 
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