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014 Cosmic Kakuna by Shinoharaa 014 Cosmic Kakuna by Shinoharaa

Cocoon Pokémon
Type: Cosmic/Bug


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What is the Pokémon Cosmic Collection?

After the Necrozma invasion in an attempt to steal light from the world, several Ultra Wormholes were opened all over the world. The Pokémon Master who defeated Necrozma, feeling responsible, decided to join the legendary Solgaleo and Lunala to close all Wormholes. His constant travel through these holes made part of the power of the legendary were released as particles and were scattered across all continents.

These particles were gradually transforming the Pokémon we already knew, and they were changing their coloration to something similar to Cosmog, the initial form of the legendary of the Sun and the Moon. Stars began to appear on their bodies, and their types were changed to a new form, the Cosmic type. Being a new type, weaknesses and advantages weren't discovered against this type, completely changing the Pokémon world.

Immediately the Ultra Recon Squad mobilized to avoid further catastrophes, and found that they need to capture at least one species of each Pokémon to be able to revert it to its original form and collect the Cosmic Particles from their bodies. For this were created two teams: the Lunala Riders and the Solgaleo Riders. Using cosmic Lunala and Solgaleo and a special display to detect traces of cosmic particles, the Riders  travel between the Ultra Wormholes in search of these new Pokémon.…

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TrashForDeviants Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
one mans trash is another mans treasure
Shinoharaa Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018  Professional General Artist
Hahahah xD
DeadCobra Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018
Very cool
Shinoharaa Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018  Professional General Artist
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