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UPDATE 03/08/15

With only 2 weeks left until the deadline we got entries from 32 people by now, which means we've hit the first mark of 25 entrants, so now the winners can choose more prizes!
Also, MacaroniKitteh was so kind to offer some prizes, so we added them to the list of prizes to choose from!
You can find the updated prizes plus all the entries we've got so far below.

Hey everyone! Welcome to our first ever art contest!

With this contest we are looking for the best art with the most creative ideas involving Boop Boxes!

- Yay! But what's a Boop Box?

Like the name says, a Boop Box is a box where you boop someone!
But Boop Boxes can be more than that, you can either sleep in it, or build a fort out of it, or even sail in it being a scary pirate! That's up to you!



  • The submitted picture must contain at least one Boop Box and character(s) interacting with it in some way
  • Any visual medium is allowed
  • We accept any kind of characters, they don't have to be related to MLP
  • Both OCs and canon characters allowed
  • We only accept art made for this contest
  • We accept unlimited entries, but only one can win a prize
  • No gore or NSFW
  • No traces or bases, the entries for this contest should be entirely made by the entrant
  • To submit, leave a comment on this journal with the link to the entry
  • Link the journal on the description of the entry
  • You will be able to win higher prizes the more people enter! Feel free to share this journal to get as many people to enter as possible!
  • Have fun!


1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:
(*Same person as Nobody who most of the examples are from)

All art requests are limited to one character only.
You need to have a PayPal account in order to receive the monetary prize.

Anyone is welcomed to donate prizes. If you would like to offer something, let us know and we'll add you to the list.


    Contest duration: 2 months
    Deadline: 23 Mar 2015 12AM GMT (ALREADY ENDED)
    Announcement of winners and prizes: 28 Mar 2015

Entries:  Contest entries collection - plus this short animation

If you have any questions, ask them below in the comments, or ask any of us directly via notes or on any of our Saturday streams.
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I want boop me too! /)