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Summer Nap

By ShinodaGE
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 Trying to draw faster, christmas is coming and I want to make a gift to a few artists and friends but, as I'm very slow to color, I'm not sure if I will reach to make a gift to all of them D:
 This one took me a lot less time than usual, It's not the same quality as my last works but I like how it turned out anyway. What do you think?
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(Saying this slowly) As we can see, fan art now reveals the cutest... most aborable thing ever. It is a creature known as, the Lyra. A background pony who always wished for hands.
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I find it funny how we find things at their cutest asleep.
Slasher0001's avatar
How cute :D
Great drawing!
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Dawwwww, she's so adorable!
RiokennG3's avatar
Hey it's winter! Wake up!
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dude this is awesome
Kujiiro's avatar
She looks mad.
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Con el calor que esta haciendo, lo que menos haria Lyra seria dormir. Bueno, si no tiene un aire acondicionado...

Genial el dibujo, Shinoda n_n
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Por el titulo y el estilo, me sonaba de que era tuyo el dibujo xP. Y te quedo un tanto ... cute :3
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Looks awesome mate :D
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i see the title, i think of summer, i see outside, i think of Siberia 
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This is so adorable ^.^
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Cute Lyra sleeping. :)
caballero-nocturno's avatar
se ve totalmente genial bro xD muy buen trabajo :D
BADASSassin's avatar
She doesn't look very happy...
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i love it. I think this would definitely be a satisfactory quality for a gift. i love the background you made. it beautiful :3
also LYRA :B
AlicornRarity's avatar
Aww its lyra, she looks so adorable
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This is so cool!

Everything here looks so visually pleasing to the eye and your artistic style and skills are one to make people like me jealous.
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Wouldn't it be winter nap?
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Is summer here in Argentina ^^
VynalDerp's avatar
If it's summer there, then why does your prof pic have a santa hat?
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