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Space Ponyos universe

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Group pic with a few characters from the Space Ponyos universe, from blog updates, fics and other arts

I originally made this to answer the most asked question, “Are the fics canon?”: the fics are as canon as the IDW comics are to the show, it’s up to the reader to take as they wish. Think of it as a pizza with different toppings, you don’t have to eat the slices with the toppings you don’t like, just eat the ones you do like and let others enjoy the ones they like • c • 

You can find all fics and future stories in the Space Ponyos Fimfiction group, more blog updates coming soon too here: 

Characters (from left to right) belong to LuckyDragon(NSFW) & Drawing-assassin(NSFW), Universe-fairyClopficsinthecomments(NSFW)Me,  xRei(NSFW)Red-X-BaconAnearbyanimal(NSFW) and Mcsweezy(NSFW)

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Houston is apogee pet?
DudeMcAwesome's avatar
Looks like it's supposed to be Fremont Street ? Or the Las Pegasus equivalent?
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Wonderful scene. :)
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...are they at an intersection?
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Raising a glass to the hopes of a bright tomorrow for all of them.
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I'll raise a glass with you too.

For the better of the Ponyos!
Unkownbrony52's avatar
Some of them really need it.
MilwaukeeRoadBrony's avatar
The background kinda reminds me of shadows of evil.
yellowlemon16's avatar
very nice! wish i could draw group photos like this..
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Also I find it funny that the only two smiling beside Gee are the grease monk
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I love Apogee ~ Such a cutie.
FuzzyPones's avatar
Oooh, it's done!

So much for "wanna keep it without any colors" :D
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That's such an amazing art! <3
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Do I spot a mouse on apogee, a tiny in the background and a pizza pone to the right?
spoonlol2's avatar
A tiny what in the back???
FRA32's avatar
A tinyface, devilish entities spread throughout all of ponytown's artists art. Look in the left corner of the background.
spoonlol2's avatar
I don’t see it but I did spot the potato pony 
FRA32's avatar
Try looking right behind Jet Stream, on the red signs in the Background.
spoonlol2's avatar
I think I see it now thx
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I can't stop looking at Gee and thinking how cute she is Dx
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