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Ciri's Dream
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Published: May 14, 2015
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Piece I created for the ongoing Dark Horse Witcher 3 Fan Art Contest. Been wanting to do a scene from the Witcher books for a while and this is the scene from the opening of Blood of Elves where Ciri is having a dream/nightmare about the fall of Cintra. It always conjured a powerful image in my head and I hope i did it justice.

The street is on fire, a roaring red wall of flame. Silhouetted before it, a rider towers over the
flaming roofs, enormous. His black-caparisoned horse prances, tosses its head, neighs.
The rider stares down at her. Ciri sees his eyes gleaming through the slit in his huge helmet,
framed by a bird of prey's wings. She sees the fire reflected in the broad blade of the sword
held in his lowered hand.

The rider looks at her. Ciri is unable to move. The dead man's motionless arms wrapped
around her waist hold her down. She is locked in place by something heavy and wet with
blood, something which is lying across her thigh, pinning her to the ground.

And she is frozen in fear: a terrible fear which turns her entrails inside out, which deafens Ciri
to the screams of the wounded horse, the roar of the blaze, the cries of dying people and the
pounding drums. The only thing which exists, which counts, which still has any meaning, is
fear. Fear embodied in the figure of a black knight wearing a helmet decorated with feathers
frozen against the wall of raging, red flames.
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Wow... I almost find no words for that! It feels as if I am standing directly in Ciris dream... Awesome work!!
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MiryAnneProfessional Digital Artist
Stunning painting!! The knight and the raging fire look really intimidating! Excellent job!)
Shellsock's avatar
"Yo kid, I got yo pizza here."
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WylfenStudent General Artist
I love this piece!
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JooleyaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great art to go with Ciri's dream, very, very well done!!  
Evolvana's avatar
Evolvana Digital Artist
Aaaaw. She couldn't know that under his helmet was the most adorable knight ever.
Lukanp's avatar
Absolutely breathtaking work! My new wallpaper right there.
Mirime-Kisarrastine's avatar
As someone who has loved these books for years (and these two characters in particular hold a soft spot in my heart), all I can say is: "A fantastic job." The visuals are stunning.
KasiaDiamondDove's avatar
very well done! :)

And congratz: you've been featured by Thumbs Up 
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oh damn, this is so good
AlexJohnson18's avatar
Very good, probably my favorite art inspired by the books. Little note: the knight has full black outfit including the cape, but I know that everyone imagine it differently. In my head the helmet has only feathers at the side but not a whole wing, I wish I could create something like this.... Fantastic work! I'm eager to see more art like this (not from the game). You know, what I don't like about the games is that they barely used the books. We don't see that emotional parts in the story, there is no character development. The book is different, amazing, impressive, emotional and intriguing. I just bought all parts (on E-book) and I'm already at the third book (The Blood of Elves) and I can hardly put it down. Sorry, I just had to type this. Keep up the good work!
TheStigx's avatar
Fantastic. Exactly how I imagined the scene. EXACTLY. I could go on forever, but this is 100% amazing, all the details from the book spot on. I could look at this image all day...
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EdgeCutionHobbyist Digital Artist
And then you learn that he loved her, saved her and gave his life for her with Ciri not even knowing.
OfDaysSpentWasted's avatar
OfDaysSpentWastedHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohh, I love this. It looks so intimidating!
mikeboix's avatar
Amazing work. Did you won something at the final?
Shinobi2u's avatar
Nope, didn't land anything, but really appreciate it! Unfortunately they allowed works not created specifically for the contest and seemed to have a soft spot for more sequential type pieces. However, I don't want to knock the winners, they had great pieces and were certainly deserving of winning. 
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Ah, the (in)famous battle of Cintra... Or, as Nordlings call it, the "massacre of Cintra".
Excellently done.
Shinobi2u's avatar
Thank you! I wish we could have explored the ruins of Cintra in Witcher 3, it would have been an amazing addition.
pbpoovanna's avatar
i think you almost nailed it. Love it!
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Impressive scene , breathtaking ! :clap:
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VinterpigeHobbyist Writer
you know, i want to say a lot about this. i really do. but i can't. all i can do is stare and hold my breath, because this is fantastic beyond words. o-o
Shinobi2u's avatar
Aw, thank you! Just don't forget to breathe at some point. ;)
ShittyChickenBang's avatar
Precise description and great work!
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