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Bokeh - May 9th, 2009

This is a (mostly) Geektool customization. I have two clocks (other than the menubar's) going with Simple Floating Clock. Umm... and the album art is in one of the bubbles...

(Mac OS X 10.4.11)

The wallpaper is from [link] (thanks)
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super cool! how'd you get the album artwork in the bubble?
It's masked. Because a script pulls the current song's album art to an image on the hard drive, I can use Geektool to display that image. Then, I have a carefully placed mask image that is on a higher layer in Geektool that masks out the corners. It's a memory/processor hog though – not recommended.
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Love it .. how can i get it thou ?!
Great background and seteup, it inspired me to try geektools and i ended up with this.
Love it sooooo much!!
Love it soooo much!
This is an amazing GeekTool setup! We'd love it if you would share your GeekTool scripts at [link]
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Might I ask what geektool scripts you used to get the iTunes now playing thing in the dock thing?
Oh, 1) I don't remember. 2) I got rid of it because it slowed down my computer so much. (It was a script.) So you'll probably not want to use it. Sorry.
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ok lol, Coversutra does me anyway :P
Nice work though :)
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SWEET! Love your desktop!! :)

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thx to bokeh uuh ?^^ I like the colours relations of taskbar with the wall. good job
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