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Yosep Buonya
United States
I'm an sprite artist/animator, gamer, music lover and a HUGGGGEEE Street Fighter fan. I first came here to promote a game I was spriting for but that kinda went outta loop so now I'm just doing pixel art as a hobby. My nickname is ShinRekka around most places and the one I'm using here is based on a original character of mines from that game I worked on.

I LOVE FIGHTING GAMES! 2D or 3D, I'm a fighting game addict and hope to work on my own someday. My fave series is Street Fighter and Capcom is my fave developer.

I'm usually on and off of deviantART ALOT so don't expect me to update regularly! Really Sorry!

P.S. - Ignore my bad grammar.....I usually rush when I type things.

Current Residence: Greensboro, North Carolina - USA
Favourite genre of music: Any that sounds good to my ears.
Favourite style of art: Sprite/Pixel
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: 4gb Insignia Sport
Shell of choice: Eh? Squirtle?
Wallpaper of choice: Random
Skin of choice: Original
Favourite cartoon character: Ryu from SF...aka a VG character
Personal Quote: "Y. B. Normal?" or "Remapping the Human Soul"
  • Listening to: SNSD - Genie
  • Reading: One Piece
  • Watching: High School of the Dead
  • Playing: Marvel Vs Capcom 2
  • Eating: Random crap
  • Drinking: WATAAAAAAAA
Hello! Haven't done a journal since last Fall so I thought I should just do another one. For those still wondering if about your requests, don't worry, they're getting done.....just slowly since RL has been kinda hectic/weird/tiredsome. For those upcoming next up in line, you'll be seeing your requests very soon, just wait a little bit more!!! I just keep getting sidetracked sometimes so I'm really sorry! And also sorry if I don't reply much to a lot of notes/comments.....I always have so much that I get lazy looking through them all and usually forget. :P

Anyway....for this journal, I wanted to show some of roughs/unfinished/old/future sprites including some sprites I've never shown. Just random sneak peak of randomness since a few people wanted to see some inner workings. Enjoy!

Here's some old lineart! Basically the basic and most important feature of the sprite since it's the feature you work on. I usually try and not making them too detailed since I usually change alot of stuff by the end of the sprite. I do all of my lineart by mouse....which took months to get a hang of.

Early Rathalos(Monster Hunter) lineart (2009)…

Carnage lineart roughs (2008)…

Various finished Pokemon lineart…

WIP Dinobot(Beast Wars) lineart…

Here are some colored sprites. Like I said above, lineart usually changes by the end of the finished sprite. Coloring is a pain for me till this day.....good palettes are hard to make unless you get them from Capcom.....which I usually try to keep from doing. I'm still learning!

Finished Raikage lineart to finished Raikage sprite…

Finished Kamikiri lineart to finished Kamikiri sprite…

Hakan color animation…

Unfinished Abelle(Early SFIV Abel Concept Art)…

Unfinished Juri(Early SSFIV Juri Concept Art)…

Unfinished Broly(based on his DBZ:Supersonic Warrior 2 sprite)…

Unfinished Rathalos…

Unfinished Venom edit…

Random! Other stuff that I worked on in the past but never got around to finish and also some unfinished animations of old sprites.

Travis Touchdown HD conversion unfinished…

Shin Lee Jin unfinished Intro animation (2007)…

Mini Shin Lee Jin unfinished combo attack animation (2007)…

6TK Naruto unfinished animation(no Skeleton)…

Mewtwo early animation (2008)…

Evil Ryu Hadoken scene unfinished (2007)…

Gouki Misogi unfinished (2008)…

I hope ya'll enjoyed seeing a random sneak peak of random old and future sprites! I still have many I've yet to show off including many of the Requests I'm still working on. Gonna hold on them till I put up some Requests really soon. Peace out dA!


Round 2 Journal Request(2009). No more requests please!

1. :iconanthan: - Nateo (Custom) - FINISH
2. :iconshaka-the-tempest: - Portgas D. Ace (One Piece) - FINISH
3. :iconcubanectie: - Random Project Aegis character (Custom) - FINISH
4. :iconbustawolf: - Xiao-Lin (Custom) - FINISH
5. :iconsignus: - Steria (Custom) - FINISH
6. :iconleonken1: - Silver in Misogi pose(Custom) - FINISH
7. :iconnoland005: - Psycho Shredder (TMNT/Mugen) - FINISH
8. :iconbunjicourd: - Allen (D.Gray-man) - FINISH
9. :icondualmask: - Nia Black (Custom) - FINISH
10. :icontofb-the-baconator: - Chuck Norris (Roundhouse Kick) - FINISH
11. :iconlegendesign: - Sawada Tsuna Yoshi Hyper Dying Will state (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) - FINISH
12. :iconmaxchaos44: - Max (Custom) - FINISH
13. :iconinnerd: - June (Custom)
14. :iconcyberdarkness: - Christie in costume 3 (Dead or Alive 4)
15. :iconbraedenpenberg: - Floberk in sumo pose (Custom)
16. :iconshinnoh: - Wes in Paladin outfit (Custom)
17. :iconbattledragongargonis: - Deux (Custom)
18. :iconryst-airasee: - Gideon (Rock Band)
19. :iconsettiesama: - Setsuna - (Custom)
20. :iconbullswag: - Twilight (Custom)
21. :iconjonkin:
22. :icontaintedoneninja: - Agent Dark (Custom)
23. :icondrakhand006:
24. :iconlun-sei: - Nightfall (Custom)
25. :iconshadyscopio: - Wildcat (Batman: Brave and Bold)
26. :iconaiexus: - Aiexus (Custom)
27. :iconmearii-chan: - Midori
28. :iconepoh: -
29. :iconalienhominid2000: - Raptor Leader in Battle stance (Custom)
30. :iconchief-dca:
31. :icongajebump:
32. :iconanorakblue: - Tecxharnie (Custom)
33. :iconrocket123: - Rockit (Custom)
34. :icontravis-person: - Learxst (Custom)
35. :iconmath-san: - Sol (Custom)
36. :iconginsujustice:
37. :iconjoshcorpuz85: - Monster Hunter in Rathalos Armor with a Bone Katana "Wolf"
38. :iconruiisux: - Akiha Tohno (Melty Blood)
39. :iconmooncow2005: - Senjo (Custom)
40. :iconpirategirl-tetra: - Kaios (Custom)
41. :iconnoobsaibot791: - Sub-Zero in Grand Master Deception costume (Mortal Kombat)
42. :iconstrychninevixen:
43. :iconeddward18: - avatar dressed as Dan Smith with Revolver (Killer 7)
44. :iconoriginalbune: - Valtic (Custom)
45. :iconmintmongoose: - Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
46. :iconk0kuei: - Ezio (Assassin's Creed 2)
47. :icondmcblooddevil: - Stinger (Custom)
48. :iconbubby-bobble: - Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic)
49. :iconpowerguard: - ShadowBoxer in Fighting stance(Custom)
50. :iconghostkid2005: - Pain (Deva Path/Yahiko) (Naruto)
51. :iconspo0f:
52. :iconfox4729:
53. :iconlunamikogami: - Luna (Custom)
54. :iconslytribal:
55. :iconyoungwoon:
56. :iconhellmouth: - Vaul (Custom)
57. :iconkatze7: - Une Iroha (Custom)
58. :iconjetgoshiex: - Reptile in Deadly Alliance costume(Mortal Kombat)
59. :iconalvaromero324: - Raaha the Ultimate End (Custom)
60. :iconp-a-u-s-e: - Himself


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