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Final Fantasy X Fonts

Dug this out of my PC folders, made this a while ago when I got my mitts on the FFX Ultimania Omega book. Made these fonts using the typography images in said book.

There are AlBhed, Spiran, and Yevon fonts.

If you want to write in Albhed use this reference

A - E // N - R
B - P // O - Y
C - S // P - B
D - T // Q - W
E - I // R - H
F - W // S - M
G - K // T - D
H - N // U - O
I - U//V - F
J - V // W - X
K - G // X - Q
L - C // Y - A
M - L // Z - G

For the Yevon font, keep in mind that like Japanese kanji, some of the letters can represent whole words.
Example: A = Yevon , Z = Sin, I = Ice, F = Fire, etc.

Also there are 4 directional glyphs which I shoehorned in.
They are represented by...
"+" = North
"=" = South
"<" = West
">" = East

Select Download to get the Zip file. Enjoy them!

The fonts are copyright to SquareEnix and are from Final Fantasy X
© 2008 - 2022 ShinLadyAnarki
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Thank you, great work.

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Thank you so much. Really appreciate these fonts ❤️

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very nice, thx 4 sharing
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Dryhg oui for these fonts. Going to make my FF RP a lot more fun meeting those outside of FFX
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This is more out of curiosity. I was testing out to see if I needed to translate to Al Bhed first before typing. So I took some screen caps from online and tried to duplicate it.

This may be an isolated case. I found that by typing in "Salvage Dream" as it is in english it looks exactly like the script in the game. So, I guess that is Cid using english but written in his own script. Absolutely confusing. 

Based on your artist comments, I am assuming I am supposed to translate (i.e. Cute -> Lida) then use the font. This is what you do, correct? 

By the way, thank you a million times for putting this together. Should I ever drop back into more FFX fan art, I will make good use of this.
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You just saved my Baralai cosplay making life.  You are my hero </3
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Glad you like it!:happybounce: 
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You deserve an award for making these fonts!  Thank you ever so much!
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I'm writing a FFX comic and this will be super helpful aaah.  I've been drawing them by hand so far.  Thank you so much for making these!
Actually I changed the font, your font is still good and I might use it in a later thumbnail
This font is awesome and I used it on a youtube video thumbnail that I will be uploading on Friday, if its not ok to use it I can take it down. Np. But thank you for making such an awesome font!
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My computer hates me and won't let me use these fonts. ;_;
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I was looking all over for a Spiran font! thank you very much for making it :D i used it recently on a FFX wallpaper i made here: [link]

Thanks again :3
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WOW!!! this absolute break the limit of GREATEST!!!

this GO to my favorite!!
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NP! thanks for ya! it really help me a lot for some FFX-Relative-things~
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I love these!! Thank you for making them!
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