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FMA Tattoo

this is how the tattoo i tweaked from FMA's simple design (previous deviation) turned out. You can see the skin is still elevated and red from being freshly done. It was done by my father, outlined and colored in one sitting. It took 5 1/2 hours!! OwO

I thought for sure it would be a piece of cake... and it was just a single needle... it was so.... arrrhgghhgehrgewjfqi at first. After only a half an hour I started getting dizzy and he stopped and asked if I was okay and I said "Yeah, just a little dizzy." so he nods and gets ready to start in again and I just casually mentioned how I didn't really get a lot of sleep and he asked the last time I ate and I said "I had some ice cream at 5 in the morning." It was 2 in the afternoon by then and he freaked out and stopped, put the needle gun down and my step mom started yelling like i was going to die and said you HAVE to eat and drink before you get a tattoo or else your body can't handle the concentrated pain.

I had to space out to ignore the pain and kept forgetting to breathe ~,~||| After the base (the cross) was finished the coloring and the crown and wings was easy. Wee!! It looks even better today and is just now showing signs of scabbing.
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iswear this is the only tattoo im getting
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Oh yea! i have 9 more months. :D How long did it take to do it?
ShinkiroeNoYoru's avatar
ahh i think four hours from start to finish? Took three breaks throughout so... yeah. Healing wasn't too bad either. : 3
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dude when im 20 im getting a fma tattoo! this is giving me some good ideas! :)
ShinkiroeNoYoru's avatar
lol just make sure it's meaningful to you, not just "oh yeah, this is from.. an anime I watched.." lol
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ya my sister is trying to talk me out of getting one, but ive always thought about haveing a alchemist tattoo because the story line really tuched me deaply. i know this must sound weird and all but i just feel like idk how to discribe how the anime makes me feel
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anime fills the void in my life where reality let me down XD

My tattoo was a mixture of pride from completing an entire series (this was before Brotherhood came out, which is completed now as well >w< ), mixed in with family tradition of tattoos of a cross on the right arm (otherwise mine would be on my left arm to match Al's armor lol), and so it connects my love of anime with a newly made bond relating to family. So this is mine's meaning to me now. I only regret surprising my dad with the idea, he was so nervous some of the lines are doubled, which to me just gives it character. Plus it was free so who's complaining XD
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...single needles are the most painful...i use a 5 round liner to line almost everything...and 7mags to do shading and first tattoo was a FMA tattoo too XD

i dont really like pain either i prefer to inflict it (thus i became a tattoo artist) the design is really cute...but the lines are a bit squiggly
ShinkiroeNoYoru's avatar
I t was my first (and so far only) tattoo, and my father did it, and at the time he still needed to learn to hold back his urges of "Artistic Liberties", like making the crown gold, putting extra feathers in the wings, shading randomly, etc.

After the 'honeymoon' phase following the high of one's first tat, I soon realized he'd fucked up quite a bit on the lines on the left side of the snake's bends, like he'd made one line, decided he didn't like the placement, and made another. I'd never say it's perfect, and I did design it (though not with the exact lines seen on the result) after a necklace, which he had for reference.

That was 4 years ago. Now my father needs glasses just to look at something with some detail, so I'm not sure how his tattooing will go but he still seems fine for the most part and he's had way more practice since.

Also, because I'm his only daughter and all, he was horrendously nervous and had to keep stopping to calm himself from his worry. Anyway, that would explain the 'squiggly' look, being that a couple lines are doubled, not perfect, etc.

And the 'i dont really like pain either i prefer to inflict it' motivation for being a tattoo artist is a very poor way of thinking and a highly unprofessional approach to the idea of tattooing as a whole. I mean, is cute and funny to say, but if I were in someone's shop about to get something permanently marred onto my body at their hand, and I hear they enjoy inflicting pain through their craft, I'd be out of there faster than you could say 'no more cookies forever'.

So be more careful in what you say and who you say it to, even on them internets ;3
spellfire42489's avatar
my stepdad is the one who did mine XD it was unprofessional too

srry, the inflicting pain thing was a joke...i actually became a tattoo artist because i dropped out of college twice...i was an art major...and i needed a job...a friend of the family is a tattoo artist and he asked me if id like to learn, now i work for him

its funny how things turn high school i never would have thought this is how id be making a living
ShinkiroeNoYoru's avatar
cool for you then. I saw some of your work. Looks pretty good. : 3 keep up the good work.
ShinkiroeNoYoru's avatar
XD Tell that to my arm~ Should I get Ed's >:P face on the other arm? lulz
ShinkiroeNoYoru's avatar
Firstly, you're an asshat.

Secondly, go fuck yourself.

Thirdly, stop masturbating to deviations of asian chicks. It's sad.
knoodlesmcgee's avatar
omg. wow. thats just like the best tattoo ever 8D
ShinkiroeNoYoru's avatar
lol I hope so, it'll be on my arm for possibly forever xd
KellyVenus's avatar
nice beki you did well, i showed it to my maniger, he says it looks dope *cool*, he was interested in getting your dad to do his tattoo but then i said your in america and he was like thats a shame. but yes thats a dam nice tattoo.
ShinkiroeNoYoru's avatar
lol i'll let him know the aussies are onto him! XD
KellyVenus's avatar
XD indeed. hell it made me think about getting one and i know i'd probly never get one, my problem is i could never decide what i'd want on my body for life that i'll forever love to look at, but i'd want it to be somthing i drew but not somthing i drew, ect~ see i'd never decide, maybe when im old and about to be mumifyed i'll consider somthing maybe my name so forever more people will know who i am :P
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