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Character concept WIPs

By Shinkami
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been working on these on and off for a while now; none are 100% finished so consistency here is about .02% but i hope you guys still...tolerate if not like what you see XD;;

Since the last chart, I've played with everyone's appearances a lot, messing with heights/weights and features to make them more distinct...and since these are just concepts and not sprites, I went kinda is evident from the lack of gravity on everyone's hair, lack of anatomy in everyone's bodies, and general lack of modesty in clothing...some more so than others. I mean, come on, Alice, put some clothes on. Also believe it or not (I know you won't believe me), I didn't mean for Ada's skirt to flash everyone when I was drawing the flow of the shape but it came out that way so I apologize and hope the unintentional immodesty isn't too bothersome. However, feel free to get as bothered about Linus's immodesty as you want. oDo It wasn't unintentional. Teehee.

...You might have already thought some people got the short stick when I was "playing with appearances..." And yes, they did. XD; Sorry in advance if you're one of the people who actually liked Cath and his grotesque beak totally killed your desire to play his route someday. Like I said, I went kinda crazy, but these aren't final, so characters are subject to change (and nose reduction :'D for the demo, I didn't draw the big nose I always envisioned, so I was...a little too enthusiastic with this one XD)...I confess I actually like overexaggerated, stylized anatomy and making my characters ugly, but I understand a lot of people find oDo

Tell me what you think, though! While it may be drawn similarly, the coloring/shading (or lack thereof ._.) here isn't an example of the game's art style, but I'd love to hear your thoughts, good or bad, on the character designs. ;u; I still need to add some details (Linus's tattoos, Alice's chest dome/"heart" and the dents/scuffs on her body...) and finalize a coloring style, but I know I want to use a lot of texture and desaturated palettes with a few bright hues...clearly that hasn't happened yet, but...XD

Anyway, I guess the biggest changes would be Steven's "aesthetic"- can't really tell wth is going on with his sketch, but I wanted to design a customized (and well-loved and -worn XD) motorcycle jacket for him with quirky little patches, and some tighter pants (possibly leather eue) since I don't like those poofy things; Acer's design - uhh tried to make him seem more like a strangely attractive shota geek with cute little lip piercings than a 12-year-old (too bad he'll never actually be cool); Putrice became a BBW (yes I know her outfit's ridiculous but her character will be a GREAT change from the demo, pls have faith in me); Mak's flamboyance became overt got some rad gardening 'ralls and an amaryllis tattoo and sloth necklace; Alice's face got made over by a lawnmower tragic past; Cath grew an additional appendage that largely resembles a cat (i'm srs btw WAIT NOT REALLY nothing is too out there for me but no not this time); and Grime got a makeover because how could anyone be an assassin in that old outfit? And because I like veiled hoods. oDo

Hit me with your thoughts (if this gross WIP dump is even worth it lol it's not) and don't hold back; I'm always open to suggestions and I just love hearing from you guys ;u; gimme hug. no u come and give me hug, would hug u myself but arms are trapped in this funny jacket oDe //pushed back into cell

Art/Essence/weird people all belong to Shinkami

also i'm sorry the file is so huge ._.

6/22/15; updated Ivan :meow: was unsure which piercings I wanted so I just created human swiss cheese oDo they're tentative.
6/30/15; updated with linus's wip tats; invisibro and his erryday wear (which is...super clean and neat compared to his motorcycling clothes XD); gave cath a nose job (because he's already a mean little beanpole that needs all the help i can give him); colored mak's lines, blah
7/29/15; refined Ada
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I decided to check up on this and I notice Grime still doesn't have a full look yet just a sketch outline. Did you ever figure out their look yet?
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All I can say is... damn, bruh. I could probably stand to take some cues from you when it comes to character design.

What game is this for? I'm gonna have to check it out.
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ahhh no way, thank you so much ;-; that means a lot.

It's from Essence, my visual novel in progress. I released a demo a couple years back but it's fairly outdated and doesn't represent the material quite as well as I'd like ^^;;
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Ah, I'm glad to hear you're still working on it! I've seen way too many promising visual novels become abandoned projects and it always makes me really sad to see. 

Though even if the demo doesn't represent the game well, if these designs do, I can already tell I want to play it
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I thought your characters couldn't get more good looking, and then WOOPS I was wrong. xD :heart: 

Steven is still the biggest babe up there in my opinion~ But everyone looks really fantastic and I love how dynamic your cast seems, even more than usual. 
Daemon's clothing confuses me a little though (though I did see you address that elsewhere, explaining about his body form, which I can understand) They just remind me of tree trunks for legs or something....actually, that's incredibly fitting! haha

Steven, Mak, Cath and Ivan's new looks have got to be my favorites. Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
Keep up the lovely work. You've got a big fan right here~!! I am so glad I got on this account for the first time in months omg
Shinkami's avatar
AAAHhhHH fhsiafhofiaofhnvldjhf90wah I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your comments but for real every time I've looked at them in my inbox they've brightened my whole day T^T

ghidsghs it makes me so happy you think my babes are good-looking! and dynamic ;u; at this point i'm pretty set in their designs (...which...i still need to update in their entirety in this image, whoops) but still unsure of the art style I want to use in the game...I laughed at Daemon's "tree trunk" legs, too XD his pants and shirt really are awkward in that sketch (it's probably pretty obvious that I enjoy drawing their faces a lot more than their clothing XD). i'm kinda torn between going with this original outfit design or a baggy sweater i draw him in occasionally. because baggy sweaters are just :heart: but his socks have gotta be my favorite part of his design hehe :'D

sorry for blabbing but your comment just made me so happy ;u; thank you so much! you don't know how much your words mean!
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Want to say some new thoughts since I noticed this updated. Steven ahh so adorable I mean handsome looking hehe. I love Ivan's look. I liked him before and I like him now. I might think it's an major upgrade for Ivan. Scratched that looked at him all close up and personal and I love him. Linus's tattoo looks great. Cathy's nose looks better and he has a cookie in his mouth haha. That's all I got to say today.
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I enjoy it! It's been awhile since I've seen my Steven and daaayum he's even better now(Tight leather pants: yes)! I've always liked your artstyle and how special and colourful it is and I like these sprites as well! This made me a lot more interested in Ivan and Mak! And I'll also give Acer's route a try now wehn it's out. I usually don't go for the shota boys because they make me feel like a pedophile ;w;

But yeah I like it, keep up the good Work!
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aaaaaAAAAHHhHHHHHHHHHH thank you soooo much, hunnn!! :heart: ;-; this made me so happy!!! i'm so glad you like em and i'm happy to hear you're liking ivan, mak, and acer more, too ;3 ahaha I feel you on the shotas; i specifically tried to make acer look older because in the demo, uh, even if he was legal age i wouldn't want anything to do with that XDD TOO young looking.

I will try to get Steven into those leather pants just for you soon XD your comments always make me so happy! thank you so much!!
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No problem and thank you so much!!^^
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just wanted to let you know but i updated steven's sketch ;D it's not leather but i hope you like it ;u;
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He's gorgeous!^^ I love those pants! I'm looking so much forward to his route! >///<
Question: Do you ever get to see what he looked like before he became invisible?^^
Shinkami's avatar
Eeeeeep I'm so glad you like him (despite the excessive amounts of plaid)! :heart:

There will probably be a (very well hidden) photograph of him in the game and ofc the others could always dump a bucket of paint on him to see his silhouette ahaha XDD but i'm still debating whether to reveal his original appearance (:
Ferris4673's avatar
Haha, well it's okay anyway, since I love him no matter what <3

Anyways, I hope you don't think I'm bothering you, but how far are you with the game? Don't worry there's not rush, I'm just excited to play it and share it on my channelXD
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It could very well be due to the fact that I am somewhat of a "purist" (for lack of a better term) that I am finding it a tad difficult in giving some of the characters new appearances a chance. After glancing over the new art I immediately compared it to the older version (I honestly do cringe with guilt...a little). I found solace in the fact that neither Ivan, Ada, nor Cath (aside from the rather large nose) look overly different from their originals. That being said, I am trying to keep an open mind. The art attracted me to this story first but mainly, it was the writing and the potential character development that kept me intrigued. It is also what has kept me patient after all this time (a trait I often struggle with especially with stories that I like). Although, and make no mistake, the art is eccentric and vibrant and if I were not already somewhat attached to the older version I would probably have more adoration than I already do.
  Diving farther in, Alice's makeover is intriguing, so much, that I don't think I would mind it if she were to stay as such (though my, my that hair. How big it's gotten. O.O) Steven on the other hand, if he were to stay as is now, I will miss the "nerd" look dearly (if I am being honest, it was the possibility of his character having a nerd-ish vibe in the older version that made him my favorite from the get-go). I must agree, Linus's new look is appealing to say the least, even without the tattoos. ^^ I can't say much for Daemon though, he's always kind of had a more feminine appearance to me so, I suppose not much has changed in that aspect, which is neither good or bad, and I am liking Grime's new appearance (or at the very least the idea of it), definitely has a more dangerous "vibe" to it. Acer, well...I have gotten use to seeing his character as a cute/funny kid and nothing more, the newer version makes him appear a little bit older which will take some adjusting but nothing too difficult. I believe the only characters that have given somewhat of a shock factor are Putrice and Mak, but only because they have had a more noticeable change, and because I am  a little resistant to change altogether that is where the difficulty lies. Otherwise, I adore your work and will continue to wait "patiently" but more-so eagerly for the finished work, and thank you for creating such an enticing story/game. 
Shinkami's avatar
Aaaah, thank you for writing me such a thoughtful comment! :heart: Nothing makes me happier. I totally understand that it may be difficult to accept the characters' changes; honestly, it makes me happy to hear you liked their original designs so much. Because of that, I appreciate your keeping an open mind to the new designs even more ;u; I really am grateful to have such a considerate and patient XD;; audience. I hope you'll like the finished game's art style (since these sketches are far from polished ^^;) and that the writing will meet your expectations. I've worked (and still am working) my hardest to develop and deepen the universe and characters in the hopes that even if someone dislikes certain characters or aspects of the game, they (and most players, fingers crossed) will still enjoy the experience.

I'm really glad you like the changes I made to Alice! I knew there were adjustments I wanted to make to everybody, but the abrasions on her skin and body (which I still need to add :'D ehe) were some of the first I was certain about. Her memories of murder are a much bigger theme in the new writing so I wanted her to look rough and tattered, like someone involved in or at least capable of causing serious trouble.

I'm sorry for worrying you over Steven, but if it makes you feel any better, I doubt if his final design will scarcely resemble this one XD I want him to seem tough and quirky, but mostly quirky, so I'll try to maintain that dork vibe in his appearance. I felt bad uploading Linus here without the tattoos, but I knew how long it would take me to design and paint them...OTL but I'm glad you like him. And yes, hehe, Putrice and Mak have definitely changed a bit XDD Mak's just a character who very forcefully thrust his personality onto me as I got deeper into the story, and...I think that boldness and confidence shows in his appearance more now. :'D He's developed a LOT since the demo, but so has everyone. I want to stay true to my vision, but I hope everyone likes the characters' progression in the writing, too. I think they will feel familiar; their personalities have not changed so much as they've deepened, I'd say. ^^

but again, thank you so much for everything ;u; it means a lot.
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I like Ivan and Alice ! ^^
Shinkami's avatar
Eee, I'm glad! :'D Hopefully I'll be able to upload a more complete rendition of Ivan soon!
Suiko-san's avatar
I feel like the result is gonna be awesome ! =D Wish you all the good things !
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You know I love how you draw hair and this one is no exception :). The eyes (for those you can see) are amazing as well :D. My favorite re-design has to be Grime! I look forward to see what she looks like colored. I have to admit, I'm curious about the cat...As for things I don't like, nothing particularly jumps out at me that way. I'm sorry that's not much a critique ^^;.
Shinkami's avatar
Eeeeep thank you, bruhhh!!! :glomp: :heart: I'm happy you like Grime - I seriously need to finish the redesign 'cuz it's one of my favorite's, too, and it was a lot of fun trying to create a more 'kickass' vibe. We'll see what I manage to end up with since I myself am anything but kickass (which is why everyone else looks so dorky), buuuuut XD

The cat's the same one from the demo, though I had a lot of fun stylizing her this time around :'D I totally forgot to color her patterns, though orz and fhaiofhsifah i actually feel honored that there's nothing significantly off-putting to you about them XDDD  just your commenting means a whole lot to me, so don't sweat it ;D
AnonTheDarkOne's avatar
Yasvmw  Shinkami :icongreenheartplz: :hug: :D. Awesome :). Well, you're kickass to me :iconcatsmileplz:.

Ah, I have to admit, I have forgotten about the cat, but it has been a while since I've seen the full demo (plus my memory sucks XD). That being said, it's all good about the color pattern, it will be there in the final product :). Aww, you're so sweet, thank you :hug:.
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HOLY SHIT SHIN I really love how you played around with the body types and exaggerated certain things. AND THE HAIR. It looks so foamy and flowey~ I'll just go in order from left to right bc I have too maNY THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS RN.

Ivan's butt is cool. I want to fry BACON OFF OF LINUS'S SMOKING HOT BOD + I love his baggy cargo pants. I WANT ADA'S ENTIRE OUTFIT HOLY SHIT TOO CUTE AND I SEE A BUM THERE. I love the idea of Steven's leather jacket. So edgy. I was kinda surprised by Cath and his beak but I still love him and his skinnyass legs and I'm sure his booty is still great I'll have Clyde confirm that for me...I've mentioned butts like three times already. My butt-staring problem is as bad as your crotch-staring problem, Shin. Putrice looks sO CUTE I WANNA HUG HER OMG. MAK IS MY GODDESS HE IS MY VENUS HE IS MY FIRE MY DESIRE AHHHHHHHHH AND HIS TATTOO WTF ARE YOU DOING MAK HE IS SO FABULOUS IT PHYSICALLY HURTS ME. LITERALY FREAKING CRYING AT ALICE'S FACE BABY NO NO NO NO NO NO MY BABY IDC IF YOU'RE HER CREATOR I WILL FIGHT YOU FOR THIS BABY HUDIEFAPSIEFISRAGHIWRGWARdfrvgERGDFRVGervga

//takes break and walks around the house. I hope you know that if you kill any of them off it will literally ruin me.

COUGHS. Okay. Plant boy looks so comfy and snuggly in those clothes, he's precious. FRECKLE BACON SHOTA IS HOT NOW WTF. His full title is now 'Freckle Bacon Magic Yaoi Hands Shota' wtf those piercings are so cute //throws Riley at him but instantly takes him back bc he would teach him v bad things and I don't want to take responsibility for it I love sexy ninja grime and her boobs are v cute : D

I am so attached to these characters, it's not healthy. Send help.
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i made cath's beak less disgusting

now maybe clyde can kiss him without it gouging out his eyeballs
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