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Devil Summoner - Raidou+Gouto



Kyaahhh~:heart: I love this game! hail to all MEGATEN!!!:beer:
A smart devil summoner Raidou the 14th ,and his sarcastic supervisor,Gouto.
Free time once more!(lied to myself,'s just a temporary freetime)I knocked the game just yesterday.It's a RPG game that you can finished within 30 hours,short right?^^ damn I hate it why the game I love has to be so short--but because it's short so even a busy person(like me) can knocked it<--I like this fact.
The simple designs of the game were the very thing to fall in love with,Since I'm a Kazuma Kaneko's fan and he's also the art director of this game. So things just turned out SPLENDID! need I say more?
But however,there's something that almost make me chapter 11. If you played it you'll know why. I think it's the reason I draw this pict.
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He reminds me of Corto Maltese and Jotaro Kujo