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WIP Knee Pad Mandarin Spawn Cosplay

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This weekend I have been watching Face/Off and this got me in the mood for sculpting. So here is a sculpting WIP from my Mandarin Spawn costume.

Mandarin Spawn photos here:…20191914672229&type=3

More WIP photos here:…

This was one of my dear projects, I worked my ass off in it and I learnt just as much about materials, techniques, time management and stress in general, lol!

Now to explain what I did (be prepared, it's long):

Materials used: 
- water based pottery clay
- RTV silicone for the mold
- plaster and water for the mother mold
- latex mixed with black acrylic paint to brush the mold on the inside - 2-3 thin layers
- FlexFoam-iT!® X - app. 6X expansion - flexible urethane foam for casting the piece - THIS IS WHAT THE KNEE PAD IS ACTUALLY MADE OF
- acrylic paints mixed with latex for painting
- scotch tape to cover certain parts while painting

Tools used:
- different sculpting tools
- zip lock bags to smoothen the clay surfaces
- plastic cups for mixing the silicone and the foam in
- wooden sticks for mixing
- brushes for painting the mold on the inside
- sponge to paint the outside

1. I have the figurine, so as a reference I used the actual knee pad. I calculated the size and I traced the outline on a piece of paper that I attached to a piece of wood with transparent scotch tape. On that shape I started adding the clay. This was my first serious sculpt EVER, so this process took a while. 

2. A rough sketch of the knee pad shapes. Tsumiki Art helped with a ton of advice, since she had sculpted before and she was around my workshop all day long working on her costume. I kept the reference next to my sculpt all the time and kept comparing them, to make sure they look alike. 

3. The finished sculpt. All the surfaces and edges were made smooth my applying the finishing touches over zip lock bags, a trick I learnt in a youtube tutorial. Each type of surface (red, golden and copper) had a different texture, although the figurine didn't, but when adapting such a small thing to something eight times the size, some added details are welcome and make the whole thing look better.

4. I brushed silicone over the sculpt, let it cure and then I made a mother mold on top out of plaster, to keep everything in shape. Then I mixed latex with black acrylic paint and brushed it in 2-3 layers inside the mold. This gives a better surface to paint on later and gives the black color - a very good background color - to the unpainted piece.

5. Mixed the foam and poured it in. It's two liquids that turn rapidly into a fast growing foam when mixed. I didn't pour all of it at once, but did it in small quantities and kept changing the position of the mold, so it forms a gap inside (for my knee).

6. This is how the knee pad looks freshly taken out of the mold. Then I cut the extra parts and prepared it for painting.

7. How the painting process went: cover with scotch tape (that was barely holding, btw) all the colors except one. The remaining part was painted with a sponge, with a mix of acrylic paint and latex, to keep the elasticity. This took enormous amounts of time, but the result was what I needed: darker shades or even black in the ridges, small holes, etc and lighter shades on the extremities.

8. Finished product on stage. I feel proud!
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Thank you for tutorial!
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that is damn amazing! 
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Thank you! :)